Leading Distributor of Wholesale Gourmet Food and Sweet & Savoury Condiments Now Meeting Consumer Candy Cravings

Mississauga, Canada, March 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Customers got a sweet tooth? Curb their cravings for candy with a wide range of different delicacies offered by Gourmet Depot, a leading distributor of wholesale gourmet food and sweet & savoury condiments across Canada.

Having consistently met the demand for fine gourmet foods, Gourmet Depot is now offering their clients an extensive selection of sweets and treats. Adding these to their already impressively wide range of wholesale gourmet foods and sweet & savoury condiments brings their clients many more options for satiating the taste buds of their customers.

The first of Gourmet Depot's candies comes from the AmuseMints line of products. True to their name, AmuseMints offers a variety of fun, theme-related, sugar-free mints and gums that pack a punch. Available in a selection of differently themed tins, these creative candies make an ideal product for any retail environment, and tins can be customized if they're purchased in quantity. Themes and flavours include Ice Hockey Mints, After Coffee Mints, Canada Mints, Diva Mints, and many, many more. New mint and gum designs, including a new line of natural green tea lip balms with 15 SPF protection, will be offered soon.

Next is Little I Mirror Mints. Also sugar-free, these come with a mirror in the packaging, making them perfect to pack in any purse. Included in this line is the “Wild Things” Series, which consist of a range of funky and fun animal prints, as well as the “For the Birds” Series. Also available are the “Inspirational” Series, in which inspirational phrases adorn the candies, and the “Personality” Series, which are custom-tailored for the type of buyer (Shopaholic, High Maintenance, Flirt, etc.).

Last in the candy category from Gourmet Depot is a growing favourite: the Nostalgic Era Candy purses from Crystal Temptations, which takes consumers back to the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's with a wide range of candies that were popular in each era. A candy lover's dream, these make an ideal gift for a childhood friend, and balloon bouquet weights are available for theme or milestone birthday parties.

Gourmet Depot is now offering independently owned grocery stores & chains, fine food & retail gift shops, and basket companies across Canada more than just wholesale gourmet food and sweet & savoury condiments - they're helping them soothe the sweet tooths of consumers.

For more information on Gourmet Depot and how to order their foods, condiments or candies, please visit them online at http://www.gourmetdepot.ca
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Judy Lindenbach