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In honor of March as national "celebrate women in history month," The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith Sylvia Hoehns Wright urges all to honor those who have enabled American’s rich eco heritage.

Richmond, VA, March 03, 2013 --( From the suburban home lot to the county seat, women have ban together to design, cultivate and reshape the American scene, moving from "harbingers of a gentle heart" to women of power and influence.

“It was during the first decades of the 20th century,” says the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright, “that a small number of visionary women in the Philadelphia area initiate garden club movements which eventually resulted in changed lives and landscapes for all of North America. Together they established four vital organizations: the Garden Club of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women, the Garden Club of America and the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association. While most people are not aware it was considered almost social suicide and distinctly matrimonial suicide for a woman to enter a profession, it was these women who laid the groundwork for others to follow.”

Eco-legacy, a millennium woman’s heritage –
A child of the era "tell instead of read me a story," Glen Allen, VA-based The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith Sylvia Hoehns Wright in her book – Eco-legacy, a millennium woman’s heritage, invites readers to join her for a walk on a path worn smooth by generational expectation. Challenging all to identify and celebrate their legacy because heritage is more than a possession, it is a gift: the birthright of our children.

Identified as a Virginia ‘notable’ book by Richmond Times Dispatch newspaper book editor Jay Strafford, excerpts from Wright’s book were spotlighted by the National Women's History project as a "great book if you want an invigorating read or to give as a gift to your mother, grandmother or daughter”, received in draft format the Writer’s Connection VA Book Competition Award; and is recognized by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge George Washington Metal for a collaborative effort to promote an understanding and appreciation of America’s rich heritage and unique freedoms.

“As an environmentalist and president of the Cornell Douglas foundation,” says Ann Cornell, President Cornell Douglas Foundation, “I have been searching for new words to define those of us who advocate for protecting our natural resources for future generations. Wright's word- eco-legacy is perfect: it encourages all of us to recognize that water, land, and air are not expendable luxuries, but critical resources we must sustain in our roles as responsible stewards.”

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Recognized by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry ‘mover & shaker’, the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright seeks to inspire people to create an eco-legacy of CARE, a perspective of conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency – ‘green’ America’s landscape! To learn more about Wright’s eco activities or acquire a copy of her newly published book Eco-legacy – a millennium woman’s heritage visit web site or follow Twitter ID, Wright Scoop or Face-book group, The Wright Scoop.

As recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award and founder of the Plants of CARE program, in celebration of March as national "women in history month," Wright urges all to honor those who have enabled American’s rich eco heritage.
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