CALI Sends 140,000 CD’s to US Law Schools

CALI Lessons are among the few free study aids available for law students. But getting law students to talk amongst themselves about study tips and techniques can be tricky.

Chicago, IL, August 05, 2007 --( “Sometimes we wonder if students are slow to tell other students about the quality of CALI lessons because a lot of law students want to keep the secret for themselves,” says John Mayer, Executive Director of The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). “Everyone wants to be at the top of the curve in law school and CALI lessons can help.”

CALI wants to ensure that every law student has a chance to learn about CALI Lessons. So this year, it is sending 140,000 total CALI CD-ROM’s to its 206 member law schools for the schools to hand out to law students – enough for every law student in the United States.

What are CALI CD-ROM’s?
The CALI CD-ROM contains CALI's entire catalog of exercises in 33 areas of the law, 675 lessons. The CD-ROM is available only to students from CALI member schools. It is issued every year with updated lessons and new materials to ensure that all materials contain current law. Law students should see someone in their law library to get a free CALI CD-ROM.

This fall marks the largest batch of CD’s CALI has ever sent to law schools. It first time CALI has sent its member law schools enough CD’s for all students.

What are CALI lessons?
CALI Lessons are computer-based tutorials written by law professors and are freely available to CALI member schools’ students. Students use CALI Lessons to supplement learning or for exam review. Lessons are also available at

“We know students who use the lessons love them because CALI lessons were run over 925,000 times during the 2006-07 school year and we get amazing feedback from students who use the lessons,” says Mr. Mayer. “We just want to make sure all law students know that the lessons are free and available to them.”


CALI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of U.S. law schools. CALI’s mission is to research and develop computer-mediated legal instruction and support institutions and individuals using technology and distance learning in legal education. CALI was incorporated in 1982 and welcomes membership from law schools, paralegal programs, law firms and individuals wishing to learn more about the law. Over 200 US law schools are a part of CALI.

John Mayer is an expert in the use of technology in legal education. He became the Executive Director of The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) in 1994. Prior to CALI, John was the Director of Computing Services at Chicago-Kent College of Law for 7 years. Mr. Mayer has a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University and an MS in Networks and Telecommunications from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Mr. Mayer is available for comments and questions related to legal technology. He can be reached at
Austin Groothuis