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The Pernicious Anaemia Test is a simple diagnostic test that can be completed at home and once a sample has been taken by you it can be despatched to an accredited laboratory for assessment and analysis.

London, United Kingdom, March 03, 2013 --( TestDiagnostics have announced the arrival of a new Anaemia test for the UK market on their website The Pernicious Anaemia Test is a simple diagnostic test that can be completed at home and once a sample has been taken by you it can be despatched to an accredited laboratory for assessment and analysis.Testdiagnostics.Com


What is Pernicious Anaemia and how is it treated?

Anaemia by definition is associated with a low level of red blood cells and pernicious means having a ‘harmful effect’. Pernicious anaemia is an inability for the body to absorb sufficient vitamin B12 into the body from the gastro-intestinal tract and accounts for 80% of all megaloblastic anaemia. Vitamin B12 is essential in the body as it keeps the nervous system healthy and can be found in meat, eggs or dairy products. It is most common in older people and very rare in younger people. Pernicious anaemia affects approximately 1 in 10 adults over 75 and is estimated to affect about 1 in 10 000 people in northern Europe.

Scientist shows that pernicious anaemia is an autoimmune disease (the body attacks itself) and occurs when the secretion of gastric mucosal is deficient. This deficiency in turn effects the absorption in the terminal ileum as gastric mucosal cells are required for transport through the intestinal mucosa.

Pernicious anaemia is caused by a lack of vitamin B12 and the bodies inability to absorb B12 vitamins, which is essential for the creation of new red blood cells. When vitamin B12 is lacking, the bodies reaction is to produce smaller quantities of red blood cells than it normally does. These blood cells tend to be abnormally large or megalobastic and don’t last as long as regular red blood cells.

The most common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is tiredness, lack of energy or lethargy. Severe anaemia may result in heart failure, problems with the nervous system and lungs and may increase the risk of infertility. Less serious symptoms may include weight loss, diarrhoea or dyspepsia. Serious conditions require medical attention and an assessment by your Doctor however less serious complications can be easily treated and tested. Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia can be treated with a simple injection followed by vitamin supplements. Pernicious anaemia however requires supplements to be taken for life. Improved diet can help the underlying symptoms and prevent the condition from returning. Simple blood tests are also available to check your blood for antibodies associated with this deficiency.


Product description

The Pernicious Anaemia Test from TestDiagnostics is an accurate blood spot test that checks for antibodies that bind with intrinsic factor protein rather than assessing for blood haemoglobin levels. The test involves a simple finger prick blood test with the lancet provided in the test kit. The sample can be conveniently posted to TestDiagnostics appointed laboratory with results available within two weeks.

The Pernicious Anaemia Test is available for testing on men and women and further information can be found on their website

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