Rocketstar Robotics Awarded $200,000 Contract for Mechanisms Design on the Mars Science Laboratory Program by JPL

Camarillo, CA, August 05, 2007 --( Rocketstar Robotics, an innovator in the design, analysis and manufacturer of actuators for spaceflight applications, today announced it had been awarded a contract from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California for support of mechanisms on the Mars Science Laboratory program.

JPL has requested Rocketstar Robotics provide engineering support of the MSL spacecraft design and development. The contract covers three specific areas of the MSL spacecraft including; bogey suspension system, rover descent system and the drilling and sampling system.

Rocketstar Robotics experience, particularly with JPL programs, will be invaluable to the execution of this contract.

About Rocketstar Robotics

Dedicated to providing actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications Rocketstar Robotics features a management and engineering team with over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spacecraft motors, gearboxes, actuators and mechanisms. Rocketstar Robotics engineers have designed an unparalleled number of mechanisms for Mars applications and are experienced in an extensive range of transmission, motor, telemetry and mechanism designs.

Applications include:

Gimbals for pointing antennas, cameras and instruments
Solar array drives
Deployment actuators
Robotic manipulators
Reaction and momentum wheels
Filter wheels
Sampling systems
Aperture covers

Rocketstar Robotics Inc.
Douglas Petercsak