Cliff Mickelson to Host Forum About Morgellons Disease

Las Vegas, NV, August 05, 2007 --( Cliff Mickelson, arguably the most prolific writer, radio guest and Morgellons researcher announced today that he will host a forum on

On this forum, Mr. Mickelson will answer questions from thousands of Morgellons victims and scientists around the globe who are searching for answers to this mysterious disease.

Morgellons disease is right out of science-fiction novels in that the symptoms are certainly not ordinary. The victims report strange animal-like and other forms exiting their skin, usually accompanied by lesions covering many parts of their bodies. Most victims report ‘brain fog’, chronic fatigue, severe depression, deep pain in their joints, loss of hair and nails and in some cases a strong urge to commit suicide.

There are a host of other debilitating physical and psychological symptoms as well.

Yet to be investigated by the USA CDC (an announcement has been made by the CDC to begin research), this disease appears to be global in nature. In the United States, there are ‘hot spots’ of victims, most notably in Texas, Florida and in California. When victims present themselves to medical professionals, they are often diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis and given anti-psychotic drugs which invariably have no effect on the patient.

Mr. Mickelson, himself a Morgellons victim for over 8 years, has methodically investigated Morgellons disease and has concluded that the possibility exists that there may be links to unintended consequences of genetically modified agricultural experiments gone bad or to deliberate or accidental releases of GMO weaponization programs. However, since little is currently known about this disease except that it apparently has no cure and as of yet has not been accurately identified... it is important to remember that all options are still on the table. Until peer reviewed and published science is on hand, no one particular theory holds any more or less actual credibility than another.

"Morgellons is an insidious disease that robs its victims of their energy, their ability to think and function. It often leads to isolation and depression." It does not necessarily have to manifest itself in an overtly definable physical manner but often tends to fly "below the body’s radar" and works its worst damage in psychological, physical, and emotional ways that are difficult to quantify or identify for those who lack a firm understanding or awareness of the pathogen’s etiology.

Although proof may be a long time in coming, Mr. Mickelson feels that Morgellons contains many of the defining requisites needed to be the consummate bio-weapon. The prime directive of such types of modern warfare is to incapacitate but not to necessarily kill. In fact, the primary agenda of Morgellons appears to be to incapacitate its victims and create "load" stress upon the surrounding social support network. He points out that much like the mass of an ocean ice berg, the majority of the true damage caused by this affliction remains cleverly hidden below the social waterline.

Cliff welcomes questions about Morgellons and says he will do his best to answer as many as possible. He has also begun to post all of his previous articles on about Morgellons disease on in a special section entitled "Cliff’s Corner."

Jeff Sohler