Chipkin Automation Systems Becomes a BACnet International Silver Member

Chipkin Automation Systems has become a BACnet International silver member to enhance its BACnet enabled products.

Vancouver, Canada, March 07, 2013 --( Chipkin Automation Systems (CAS) has recently joined BACnet International as a silver member as part of their efforts to increase the quality and visibility of their BACnet enabled products. CAS has attended the annual Plugfest to test its software and to connect with the developer community since 2009. CAS produces software tools, gateways, data clients and sells and supports its MSTP, IP and Ethernet stack.

• Software tools include BACnet Explorer, Object Monitor, BACspy, Watchdog, Virtual Thermostats, and Loggers.

• Data Clients collect BACnet data, log it, archive it, trend it, display it and make the data available to enterprise systems via webby protocols such as XML, JSON, REST, HTTP.

• Gateways convert data from one protocol to another.

• The stack is sold as C, C++, C#, Java encapsulated and it runs on Windows, RTOS and Linux. CAS owns and has developed all its intellectual property from scratch.

Peter Chipkin, president of Chipkin Automation Systems says “CAS is a small nimble and responsive company providing rapid and effective solutions for customer’s needs. We can add a new protocol to a gateway or client to solve a project or OEM need. CAS relies heavily on the Plugfest and the test resources provided by BACnet International to ensure we deliver quality solutions.” More information about CAS can be found at
Chipkin Automation Systems
Peter Chipkin