Develops Original Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunks for College Students

Online dorm supplies superstore has added innovative Original Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunks to its selection of college trunks. These DormCo-exclusive trunks for college are durable, damage-resistant, and designed to last for all four years of college and beyond.

Buffalo, NY, March 07, 2013 --(, the premier online vendor for college dorm supplies, is continually seeking new ways to improve and better its selection of college dorm items. While DormCo always seeks new colors and popular add-ons for its fine selection of college products, finding innovative improvements to already-popular products keeps DormCo on the leading edge. College trunks and footlockers have long been amid the most sought-after and useful college items that DormCo carries. While the selection of dorm footlockers is already extensive, DormCo just recently released a new style of dorm trunk that aims to maximize the durability and lifespan of the college trunk.

DormCo’s new Original Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunks are DormCo-exclusive trunks for college that feature scratch-resistant and all-around damage-resistant exteriors. While all of the college footlockers that DormCo carries are made to be used throughout college and even beyond, college students at times underestimate how much wear a dorm trunk can see in four years of college. Because college students move in and out of dorms and apartments throughout school, their trunks can suffer knicks and dings which, added up, result in a rather unsightly college dorm trunk by senior year. This, of course, is what the Original Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunk prevents.

While DormCo can’t promise this trunk is indestructible, it is able to withstand trips up and down stairs and being dragged down long hallways on dorm move-in and move-out day. The rugged canvas exterior won’t be prone to scratches like vinyl and has more give to it than a harder shell-like material. The lined interior and designer trim does not sacrifice looks for the added protection, either.

The Original Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunk also includes all the favorite features that a good trunk for college should have. At 28"L x 18.5"W x 15.75"H, its dimensions are just right for most college students’ packing and dorm storage needs. While it is a larger-sized trunk, the wheels make transporting heavy loads much easier, and the adjacent foot pegs allow the trunk to sit evenly on the ground. It also has two lockable clasps to keep all those dorm supplies inside secure.

A dorm trunk’s use is hardly limited to transporting items for college. Once inside, trunks make great dorm storage products, as their spacious interiors allow for storing all types of clothes and supplies for college. The dorm trunk itself can also be used as a piece of makeshift dorm furniture. Seating is always limited in dorm rooms, and these Anti-Scratch Trunks make great seats and stools. They also give college students a nice surface on which to kick up and rest their feet after a long day of classes. These additional uses are, however, part of the reason why this Anti-Scratch Trunk is so critical. The more a trunk for college is used, the more likely it is to be damaged or knocked around. Since a college trunk should last for years, it should be able to keep looking good for years too.

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Jeff Gawronski