Herbal Solutions for Urban Complaints

Herban Remedies is dedicated to providing the highest quality, effective botanical products at sensible prices. Their passion and experience in providing quality natural products while creating less footprints on the environment has opened their eyes to the fact that ‘less is more’ in more than one sense of the term. It's your earth, herbanize it.

Westminster, VT, August 06, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Ah the good old days… when smoking was good for you because it helped calm your nerves, when aerosol didn’t create black holes and when a mother could spray insecticides on her children and not worry about cancer or bronchial problems. Wake up suburbia; it’s no longer stylish to be in denial.

Someone who is wide awake and wants to offer a remedy to your pain is Jonathan Mitcheal, founder of ‘herban remedies’ “I think you have to buy your own story in order to sell it to others. I was looking for healthy alternatives to prevent bug bites, and muscle pain but don’t know where to turn. In creating herban remedies, we were able to combine natural ingredients with essential oils to offer that solution.”

Why herban remedies? It’s a play on the word urban and herbal, it’s an urban problem with an herbal solution. In regard to the tag line,’herbal solutions for urban complaints’, their feeling was to boast about their convenient size and earth friendly recycled packaging. Less is most certainly more in travel and considering the state of the environment every little bit helps. This is why 10% of herban remedies net profits benefits environmental charities to resolute global warming.

The spray’s also offer a strong mist so a person can reach their back. Each product has been created with the maximum benefits and each container contains 85+ pumps of relief. Great product doesn’t have to be expensive.
People should be able to trust their products. Companies who discourage you from reading the small print should be ashamed of themselves. If you have to hide your ingredients, you should change them.

For a full listing of herban remedies all natural products you can have confidence in, please visit their web site at www.herbanremedies.com

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