My Appy Kid Launches Sleep Matters, a Social Collaboration of Parents Book App Project

Sleep Matters is a book app created by parents for parents addressing what over 1/3 of parents in the US want to change; bedtime and sleep or the lack thereof.

Kansas City, MO, March 08, 2013 --( My Appy Kid, a new children’s storybook app developer and publisher, announced today it is building a free book app for parents to help with a nightly problem that affects millions of family’s - sleep and bedtime. The book app, Sleep Matters; a Social Collaboration of Parents, is unique in that it will be an ongoing conversation, containing experiences, tips, ideas, and stories contributed by “the experts from the field” – parents. The format will be open enabling parents to both read and contribute to the book.

“The book app will cover a wide variety of topics related to bedtime issues; bedtime routines, overcoming objections, good bedtime nutrition, and much more, all directed by moms and dads,” commented Julie York, Director of Educational Learning at My Appy Kid. In addition to general sleep issues, the app will have chapters and ongoing dialogue dedicated to sleep issues parents of special needs children face each night.

“From my own personal experiences I know bedtime can be a real struggle for these children as well as for parents and siblings,” Mrs. York said, adding, “That is why we are very exciting to have these chapters in the book app, providing a forum for dialogue, tips, and ideas to meet a wide variety of parent needs.”

The company is actively seeking parents to participate in creating this free definitive guide on sleep matters. David Johnson, Co-founder and CCO of My Appy Kid commented, “To make the app free we are asking parents to participate by providing content and collectively fund the app.” Mr. Johnson went on to say, “We are socializing the cost of building the app through Indiegogo, a social funding site so the app will be free to all.” The company will cover all ongoing expenses and cost associated with supporting and updating the app.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in participating, please visit the company’s website and click on the Sleep Matters link.
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