ADI Extends Vibratory Feeder Line with New Fast Angle Base Unit

Automation Devices, Inc. is offering a new vibratory feeding mechanism, applicable for certain feeding applications.

Erie, PA, March 10, 2013 --( Automation Devices, Inc., (ADI) a vibratory feeder manufacturer, has expanded its product line with a newer and faster base unit for vibratory feeder bowls. The new Model 5 Fast Angle (FA) base unit is designed for feeder bowls between 6 and 10 inches and exceeds the boundaries of standard feeding equipment for certain applications where parts are easily misoriented.

Standard base units have a spring angle of 25 degrees, whereas the Model 5 FA has a spring angle of 15 degrees. “This 10 degree variation provides a faster, more linear movement giving a 'smoother' vibration,” explains ADI President, Kevin Smith. “There is less lift of parts, essentially less of a bounce and more of a forward motion, which makes it less likely that the parts will jump out of orientation. This 15 degree angle also gives the tooling of the feeder bowl a tighter tolerance.”

“The Model 5 FA is an exceptional choice for feeding parts such as small electrical components that have a tendency to ‘skip’ in the bowl,” explains Smith. “With the advantage of holding small parts tighter, we can close in with orientation tooling allow more precise part positioning. This is feeder is all well-equipped for counting applications because of its precise speed and relatively small footprint. Overall, we are pleased with the range of parts feeding applications that this will be well suited for.”

The Model 5FA used in conjunction with ADI’s micro linear feeder (model T4) can be a great combination for the smallest parts requiring tight constraints to hold them while still allowing movement through vibration.

Automation Devices Inc. produces a full line of tooled and un-tooled vibratory feeders and components. They are located in Fairview, Pa. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561 or view ADI products at
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