Seth Kahan Releases His List of the Top Countries for Business to Invest in the Winter 2013 Edition of HR Certification Institute’s Certified

Executive change expert, Seth Kahan, explores the top five most popular countries that organizations and companies should consider investing in when expanding their businesses worldwide.

Washington, DC, March 09, 2013 --( In “Most Popular Countries for Companies to Invest”, Seth Kahan showcases areas from around the globe that are the best bets when moving or expanding an organization’s footprint. Kahan details the reasons why before an organization packs their bags for this journey, they must first understand the three different types of foreign countries development levels: developed, transition economy, and developing economy.

Kahan takes you deep into each of the top five countries and why they are worth closely examining for potential business expansions and investing. Kahan also shares warnings and pitfalls to avoid when researching this major step.

Kahan says, “Globalization is such a central part of business today. It is necessary to understand who the major players are, the state of their economies, and the primary considerations when doing business with them.”

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About Seth Kahan

Seth Kahan has worked with CEOs and top-level executives in companies that include World Bank, Peace Corps, Royal Dutch Shell as well as over 40 associations and public sector agencies. Kahan's book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out, is a business bestseller. He writes online for Fast Company ( His next book, Getting Innovation Right, is due out in March 2013.

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