Companies Struggle to Prepare for New Immigration Compliance Regulations and the Electronic Verification System

Scottsdale, AZ, August 08, 2007 --( Last month, Governor Janet Napolitano signed the Fair and Legal Employment Act, which mandates that all Arizona employers are required to process new hires through an electronic verification system, EVS (otherwise known as Basic Pilot Program) to ensure employment eligibility. The law becomes effective January 1, 2008. The State Attorney General and County Attorneys will handle all investigations into the employment of unauthorized workers. The Act imposes severe sanctions on employers that violate this law, such as establishing a progressive penalty system for employers who violate the statute including suspension and possible revocation of business license.

Many companies are struggling to find ways to comply with the new requirements while still protecting the rights of the employee. Business owners are also burdened with the task of finding the additional time to invest in the set up and maintenance of this new program.

National PEO, a human resources and payroll outsourcing firm, has been working with clients in the Valley and Nationwide for 8 years to ensure labor law compliance, including compliance with changing immigration laws. As a result, National PEO has developed a program to help ensure that their clients will fully comply with the new law with a minimum investment of time and effort. In addition to other compliance related service offerings, each client will undergo an audit of their hiring systems to identify areas for improvement in preparing for the new regulations. National PEO will process all required verifications for its payroll clients. Non-payroll clients will be trained on how to process new hires through the EVS.

Although the new law is already being challenged, National PEO is positioned for full compliance and registration with the EVS program should the law and the January 1, 2008 compliance date remain unchanged.

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