Frank New Study of Racial Divisiveness Published by Heyday Publishing, Inc.

Veteran author Doug Saint Carter uses fairness, understanding and common sense as measures of today’s most lingering social issue, black and white relations, in this push for racial unity and harmony.

Jacksonville, FL, March 14, 2013 --( Author and radio personality Doug Saint Carter announced today the release of Black Americans in the 21st Century, Integrating or Segregating, published by Heyday Pub. Inc. In this frank assessment of the current state of black/white race relations in America, the author uses his own experience in a study in Jacksonville, Florida, about improving race relations to probe the reasons for the continuing social friction between the two races.

“Learn to love your white brothers and sisters. Don’t drink from the cup of bitterness, hate and grudges,” advised Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Why then, asks Doug Saint Carter, does there continue to be such a negative state to race relations in this country?

When the Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. offered a study open to the public about improving race relations, the author signed up immediately. He was the only attendee out of a couple hundred who showed up at every weekly meeting over a nine month period, and his book covers his observations of these meetings and the patterns of discontent he discovered throughout them.

“Pretty much all present day complaints were issues of class, not race,” he writes, yet he found most of the black African American attendees voicing concerns about what was “in it for them,” couched in racial terms, or about racial abuse in our country, sometimes going back hundreds of years.

Based on these experiences, the author explores the reasons for the tenacity of the ongoing grudge some blacks have against whites and the lack of a call for racial unity and harmony that one might expect from that ethnic population.

Given the call for a color blind society that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. voiced and King’s esteem in America, why is his plea so little heard and what must now be done to improve black and white race relations in our country? Doug Saint Carter believes we should strive for and are capable of a color kind society.

Black Americans in the 21st Century is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more. Amazon kindle Books, and Barnes and Noble Nook Books for $4.95. Also available in book stores.

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback cream ISBN: 978-0-9669425-2-1 SRP: $19.95
Genre: Social science/ethnic studies/African-American studies/minority studies/sociology

About the author:
Doug Saint Carter, born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the first born son of W. G. Ellsworth Jr. and Hope Ellsworth. The family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, when he was nine years old. He graduated from Englewood High School and attended Jones College where he studied broadcast management, which led to a twenty five year career in radio and some television as an on air personality with management responsibilities. In 1998 he published his first book, described as a labor of love, about the great singer Jackie Wilson, known as Mr. Excitement. The title of the book, The Black Elvis-Jackie Wilson, created a great deal of racial controversy and inspired the author to become actively involved in efforts to improve race relations. With his new book, Black Americans In The 21st Century, those efforts continue today.

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