Is Your MP3 Player Affecting Your Workout?

Lyndhurst, NJ, August 08, 2007 --( Nowadays hardly anyone goes to the gym without their favorite mp3 player. It has almost become a necessity. But if you think that it’s pumping you up, think again. Your mp3 player is actually emitting so much electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that it’s pumping you down. Alternative Two, a new contender in the field of color therapy and EMF protection, has devised a way to protect the human bio-field from electromagnetic pollution through its color therapy video – Healing Colors DVD.

We all have heard that the radiation emitted by mp3 players, cell phones, computers, power lines and household appliances may be linked to higher incidents of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. But do you also know that electromagnetic fields (EMF) pollution also affects your muscle strength and makes you weaker?

If you're like the typical person living in modern society, there is not a time during your typical day when you are not exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Scientists estimate that your daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 million times higher than it was in your grandparents' time. What consequence does this type of invisible presence have on your ability to function? Research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on your natural energy levels. They magnify your body's "flight or fight" responses and significantly reduce your ability to cope effectively. What can you do to protect your health and get a better workout at the same time?

Alternative Two claims that by watching Healing Colors DVD you can protect yourself from the detrimental effects of EMF. Each Healing Colors DVD contains harmonic energy frequencies. When the disc is played, these frequencies transfer from the TV screen to the viewer through the air and become embedded in the person’s bio-field. In the Healing Colors DVD, Alternative Two has combined the principals of energy medicine with the ancient healing art of color therapy. Color therapy is used to introduce these frequencies to the body through the chakras – its energy centers.

According to the DVD creator, Dwight Vega, Healing Colors strengthens the human bio-field and alleviates the discord in one’s body by reducing the effects of EMF. Customers that have watched Healing Colors DVD have reported an increase in energy and strength, diminished aches and pains and reduced recovery time after a workout.

Alternative Two Inc.
Inna Prodan