Bigfoot Expert, Scott Marlowe to Be Interviewed on Shadows in the Dark

Florida's leading Skunk Ape/Bigfoot researcher will join the show this Thursday, August 9th, at 11pm EST for a 1 hour interview.

Canton, NC, August 09, 2007 --( The Skunk Ape is Florida's name for Bigfoot due to the claims of an awful smell when it's present.

This Thursday, August 9th at 11pm EST, Scott Marlowe will join host Jeremiah Greer to discuss his research and findings on the Skunk Ape.

Scott is considered to be to foremost expert on the Skunk Ape leading research and expeditions to help prove it's existence.

In mid-2003 Scott began working on a course concept for cryptozoology to be taught through Pangea Institute. Scott had been working quietly in the cryptids field for over 30 years collecting and analyzing accounts of strange animal encounters and legends about enigmatic creatures from his travels.

In the summer of 2004, Scott approached the Florida Keys Community College with the curriculum for the cryptozoology class. His approach to the subject matter with scientific objectivity and emphasis on the science and not the cryptid animals themselves won the college's approval for the program. It would become the college's first internet delivered course and the first college-level cryptozoology program in the world.

His accomplishment was hailed in cryptozoology circles around the world with news of the course being named one of the "Ten Most Important" achievements in 2004. The cryptozoology class, begun in January of 2005, was such a success that Marlowe was honored with the American Primate Conservation Alliance "Cryptozoology Steward of the Year" award in 2005, elected to membership in the APCA and appointed that organization's Academic Advisor. The entire student body of Marlowe's inaugural class was given the APCA's Student of the Year award for their work and efforts to further cryptozoology science.

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