Health Sync Seeks to Ease Burdens of Cancer and Chronic Conditions for Individuals and Employees

Dallas, TX, March 16, 2013 --( Health-Sync works with employer groups & individuals to ease the emotional, spiritual, & financial burden caused by the many chronic health conditions seen today. The company acts through a program of wellness, advocacy and support. Tina Withrow, Director, stated, “Our model promotes ‘ Well-being’ no matter what the circumstances. We work to reduce employer & individual health care stresses and costs through education, support, & guidance while creating "healthy models" that work, for the benefit of all.”

A medical event can quickly lead to an ongoing medical crisis.

Health-Sync works with individual's & family's to help ease the burden of managing chronic illness, while dealing with an over burdened health care system, so that your needs are taken care of. The leading cause of bankruptcy in this country is from medical debt. Health Sync can help the individual & families manage the health care maze. Ms. Withrow added, “We care about what happens to you and your family. We can tailor a program to fit your family's individual needs.”

A recent Health-Sync patient, H. Holmes in Dallas, explained, "Health-Sync helped me when I was diagnosed with cancer. Through my company, they partnered with me to guide me through the health care maze, worked and coached both my husband and myself when we needed someone to be there for us. The financial hardship of cancer is difficult. Having Tina Withrow navigate on our behalf to ease us through a difficult and frightening time in our lives was a blessing. She not only celebrated my recovery from cancer, she was a part of the team that got me through it. I thank God everyday that my employer chose Health-Sync and Tina for me."

Employers & Human Resource Managers & Professionals can benefit from Health-Sync by providing employees and Human Resource Professionals a chance to reduce company health care cost associated with chronic disease as well as lower corporate spending. The corporate return on investment can show immediate results as well as provide a great tool for employee retention.

One of the core goals of Health-Sync is to give patients and families power over cancer and other chronic conditions including the overwhelming realities of autism spectrum issues. Ms. Withrow continued, “ For example, when you or your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you feel powerless! We are independent Certified Cancer Navigators, Registered Nurses, as well as Cancer Survivors helping you through the journey. We've been there… We can help give you back the power that cancer took away.” Health-Sync works with your medical team to ensure that they understand your wants and needs and address the issues survivors & caregivers face throughout the journey of cancer. Health-Sync can guide you in areas such as insurance, treatment counseling, support groups, second opinions and medical costs.

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Tina Withrow - Director

Tina Withrow - Director of Client Services
With over 20 years experience to date. Tina brings expertise in health care and advocacy to the Health-Sync team.

Her background in the private sector include Met Life/United Health Care as well as Director of Community Relations & Patient Services for a large community based cancer center in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Her training with the Harold P. Freeman patient navigation institute which is a part of the Ralph Lauren Cancer Center in NYC is considered the gold standard for patient navigation.
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