Waste Reducing, Bacteria Busting Grocery Shopping System Announced

A single CRESBI® crate can replace up to 6 plastic grocery bags and can be more thoroughly cleaned than low-cost reusable ones that fall apart when washed and can’t be recycled.

Verona, KY, March 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Sun Sugar Farms, LLC announced today the official launch of the CRESBI® Crates grocery shopping system. CRESBI® crates can hold up to six plastic bags worth of groceries, eliminating the hassle of recycling plastic bags or the problem of those bags ending up in landfills. They are made of a durable polypropylene that can withstand the higher water temperature in dishwashers, where 99.9% of bacteria can be eliminated. Also, since CRESBI® Crates can be washed immediately after unloading groceries, they are more likely to be cleaned at the time any contamination may occur.

“In our area, outbreaks of E.coli have been on the rise and studies show it may be related to the plastic bag ban and that most people aren’t washing their reusable bags,” says Sally Struve, a Silicon Valley resident and an early adopter of the crates. “Several of us came together to purchase CRESBI® 2 Pack & Bags at a bulk discount. Friends who got the crates kept thanking me for finding them so they could avoid getting sick. And, even though CRESBI crates look small when you first see them, they hold an amazing amount of groceries.”

CRESBI® crate systems are unique from other crates because they are paired with straps, bags, coolers, or a bigger crate to contain them once they are collapsed down. They are designed to stack when open or collapsed and fit into all shopping carts. They are big enough to hold many products but small enough to avoid being overloaded and becoming too heavy to carry. Because their walls become rigid when assembled they protect food from rolling around and allow pairing different products together that couldn’t be done in a bag - including eggs with cans, bread with jars, etc.

“I hated the waste of plastic bags that checkers create to keep food separated and the trip back to the grocery store with the giant bag of bags to be recycled,” explains CRESBI® crate creator Linda Fritz. “Even if someone reuses a plastic bag a couple times that bag will still end up in a landfill. Cheap reusable bags are even worse because most cannot be washed in hot water to get rid of bacteria and when they fall apart there’s no place to recycle them! I predict they’ll eventually be an even bigger landfill problem. I created the CRESBI® crate system to eliminate the need for bags altogether.”

Fritz also designed the www.CRESBI.com site to allow visitors to view videos of the different CRESBI® systems and then link to the company’s Sun Sugar Farms e-commerce site to purchase. A short demo video plays upon initially accessing the CRESBI® site.

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Although it was financially prohibitive to manufacture the crates in the U.S.A., all other parts of the CRESBI® crate systems are constructed in America and distributed out of the Sun Sugar Farms’ Northern Kentucky location. Sun Sugar Farms is also a reseller of other reusable dishwasher-safe green products like Eco-Takeout® To-Go Boxes and Bunch Bags® Produce Bags, they are one of the few commercial growers of edamame in the nation, and the company is active in many charities.
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