3dtracking and Brazilian Police Team-Up to Recover Stolen Car

With the help of 3dtracking, the Brazilian Police were able to recover a 3-week old vehicle stolen from an employee of a multi-national electronics company.

Miami, FL, August 09, 2007 --(PR.com)-- At 9:18am on Saturday 22 July, car thieves stole a 3 week old Fiat Siena from an employee of Philips Electronics, the global electronics company. The vehicle, which was rented on a commercial agreement from Nova rent-a-car, had only 80 kilometers on the odometer when thieves broke into the vehicle and drove it to a remote location within São Paulo. At 5:15pm that same day, the thieves then drove the vehicle from São Paulo to the neighboring city of Suzano where the vehicle was then destined to be stripped down and the parts sold off. This was except for the fact that the vehicle was fitted with the 3dtracking Fleet Management system only 8 days earlier, and every move the vehicle made was being tracked by the police.

Thanks to the highly accurate tracking and fleet management services provided by 3dtracking, the car owners and local police were able to track the car from the point of theft to its final destination in Suzano. Within 2 hours of the vehicle being parked by the thieves, the police surrounded the vehicle using the 3dtracking system and moved it to the local police station for collection by the rightful owner.

“We are very pleased that, with the help of the Suzano and São Paulo Police departments, Nova rent-a-car was able to recover their vehicle,” says Roydon Michael, Director of 3dtracking in the United Kingdom. “As Nova rent-a-car relies on self-insurance for their vehicles, the recovery of this vehicle means a saving of $15,000 (USD), which is a significant amount of money for any business. Not only is Nova rent-a-car able to provide its rental customers with the latest in fleet management technology to help them better manage their business, but the reduction in theft-related loses also helps the 3dtracking system provide the exceptional value that it does.”

3dtracking Brasil Ltda, the Brazilian distributor for the 3dtracking system, was integral in helping the police locate the vehicle and take it into their possession for safe-keeping. “We worked with the police every step of the way to ensure that Nova rent-a-car’s vehicle was recovered safely,” said William Salomão Junior, Managing Director of 3dtracking Brasil Ltda. “3dtracking is committed to helping customers maximize their return on their fleet and drivers, as well as ensuring that vehicle-related crime is kept to a minimum.”


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Roydon Michael