Adds New Variety of Comfy, Colorful Dorm Furniture has added new moon chairs, loungers, mini-futons and more to its dorm supplies inventory, providing college students much-needed comfort and seating options for their dorms.

Buffalo, NY, March 17, 2013 --(, the leading online dorm supplies superstore, has recently added a bevy of new seating options for college students’ dorm rooms. From new moon chairs, to fold-up lounger chairs, to new mini-futons, DormCo recognizes that college dorms need more adequate seating options. This new lineup of chairs and futons aims to give students more comfort while making their dorm rooms feel more home-like. In addition to being a bedroom, dorm rooms are study areas and lounge rooms too, and DormCo’s new dorm furniture serves those purposes.

Since space is always limited in dorm rooms, these new DormCo-exclusive chairs can fold up to save space. Fold-up chairs are always a handy option for when friends visit. For college students in dorms, however, the fold-up option is a necessity. DormCo’s new fold-up, padded chairs include the Comfort Padded Moon Chair in orange, black and aqua; the College Club Dorm Chair - Plush & Extra Tall in pink, purple, black and blue; and the Comfy Corduroy Moon Chair in cozy brown, campus blue and raspberry. DormCo is also adding new mini-futons to further expand seating options.

Most schools provide students with minimum dorm furniture when they arrive to college. Dorm rooms come equipped with a bed and mattress, a desk and desk chair and maybe a dresser. Students quickly find out that the only comfortable place to sit or lounge around is their dorm bed. While college beds can be made very comfortable, beds are, after all, made for sleeping. When it comes time to study or relax in the dorm room, that desk chair is hardly comfortable enough for long study sessions. It takes additional college furniture for dorms to really get comfy. And for students who like to study in their dorms, DormCo’s new seating options provide the comfort that’s needed for those extra-long study marathons. Since friends will always be passing through dorm rooms, students will now be able to offer more comfy seats than the cold, hard floor.

Enjoying dorm life and college life is important for college students; they can more easily accomplish this by having the right dorm supplies. Even students who don’t spend very much time in their dorm rooms should have a place to come back to that’s comfortable, warming and fun. Especially after a long day of classes, a dorm room should be a student’s place of privacy where he can kick back and relax. At DormCo, we know college life can be rigorous, so it’s important students have the capacity and ability to relax. DormCo's dorm seating options are designed for extra comfort and relaxation. The Moon Chairs’ deep, basket-like seats provide optimal support and cushioning. The Club Dorm Chairs are more than just your average fold-up chair. They too have thick cushioning and even have padded armrests. The Corduroy Moon Chairs provide a large seating area to really sink into and also have added warmth and comfort with the corduroy material. DormCo's new dorm room mini-futons are great to lie down on for a quick nap or to just unwind after exams.

DormCo believes students will appreciate the extra comfort and homey feeling that these dorm chairs and college futons provide. For more information, and to have any questions answered, please contact DormCo at or 888-925-2899. Please browse DormCo’s exciting new selection of dorm chairs and dorm furniture at
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Jeff Gawronski