Now Read and Create Personal Photo Magazines Right from Your iPhone

Dispatches app creates visually brilliant quick stories right from your iOS device. Inspired by the classic dispatches of Pyle, Churchill, and Hemingway, file short narratives from your own travel and adventures.

Portland, ME, March 20, 2013 --( Dispatches expands it's offering from the iPad to iPhone. Now file a Dispatch on the go with any iOS device. While it's great viewing Dispatches on your couch with your iPad, sometimes when out and about you may not have your iPad with you. At that exact moment your friend, mother, or son sends a Dispatch from the front line of their adventures, you can now keep up to date on the iPhone.

Dispatches delivers a new form of quick storytelling designed for an iPad and iPhone world. Longer than a post, more permanent than a tweet, Dispatches capitalizes on the explosion of photos taken with mobile devices to weave a coherent visual narrative. “Humans better understand, process, and retain information presented to them as a narrative. Dispatches taps into people's innate desire to preserve and tell their stories,” says Dispatches spokesman Matt Stowell.

Inspired by the classic Dispatches of Pyle, Churchill, and Hemingway, Dispatches for iPhone and iPad enables you to rapidly file condensed information focused on an event or experience. Quickly assemble photos, titles, and text with a custom cover that captures the Dispatch. Share the story over space and time, with others or your future self. Now unlock the value of all those photos that reside on your iPhone.

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