Omega Nutrition Launch Brand New, Vegan Protein Supplement

Omega Nutrition have announced the release of SportsPro; a vegetarian protein supplement capable of nourishing your body with a truly unique array of potent, plant-based proteins. This powerful, vegan protein supplement contains 6g of readily digestible protein per 12g serving, and is sure to be a big hit with health conscious athletes, as well as the health community at large.

Perth, United Kingdom, March 18, 2013 --( With concerns about the quality of meat at an all time high, and fears about genetically modified soy products reaching fever-pitch, the demand for a good vegetarian protein supplement has never been greater.

Luckily, Omega Nutrition's new SportsPro promises to be exactly that: A dense blend of wholly natural plant proteins designed to provide nourishment and support for your body, without negative side effects.

By combining a unique array of carefully selected plant-based proteins, Omega nutrition have managed to create a vegetarian protein supplement that’s free of harmful contaminants, and rich in readily-absorbable proteins. SportsPro is also brimming with an abundance of antioxidant compounds, which can help you to:

Reduce oxidative stress on your cells
Neutralize harmful oxygen free radicals
Slow down the aging process
Reduce the negative effects of exercise

This new vegetarian protein supplement is the perfect product for anyone looking to cut down on the amount of red meat that they consume. It is also sure to appeal to most health-conscious athletes, and anyone interested in nourishing their body while maintaining their good health.

What’s in Omega Nutrition's New Vegetarian Protein Supplement?

SportsPro contains a unique blend of plant-based proteins. Each scoop contains:

Pumpkin Seed Protein, which is completely organic, and offers up 18 different amino acids.

Nutri-Flax powder, which is cold pressed, and brimming with all important plant lignans.

Canadian Pea Protein, which is easily digestible, mineral-rich protein that has been shown to help in the maintenance of your cardiovascular health.

Green tea matcha, which is rich in ECG, and a number of other, potent, antioxidant compounds.

Inulin; a potent prebiotic, rich in fibre.

Hawaiian spirulina, which is a nutrient-dense superfood packed with a variety of proteins, as well as a host of alkalizing minerals, and a range of potent antioxidant compounds.

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