Trade Miles International Assigned Andrea Michelle as COO and Simon Thompson as VP

Effective immediately, Andrea Michelle has been entrusted with the position COO. He will spearhead all daily facets of the company and auxiliaries as delegated by the Executive Commision.

London, United Kingdom, March 21, 2013 --( Simon Thompson, former Managing Director, has been assigned as VP, focusing on enhancement of institutional pre-arranged managed services for viable investment prospects. Mr. Thompson began his career with Trade Miles International in 1992. Simultaneously, he was carrying out tasks as member of the Executive Commision and will continue to do so.

Jeremy Scott, Chairman and CEO, articulated that Andrea Michelle has generated numerous business accomplishments since he became part of the company in 1990. "In upholding our time-honoured dedication to industry focused leadership, Andrea is a forthright supporter of the essence of FOREX trading - the most promising investment segment to date – as a regulated market. He is recognized as a respected pioneering member of the FX Industry Association. He also is one of the most sought after liaisons of the derivative market and the advocate of client perspective in communications industry," Jeremy Scott endorsed.

Andrea Michelle has been an integral part of the firm carrying out diversified functions currently as COO. Accomplishments include aStr7Trade, a trading platform compatible to all other trading applications and links; pioneering the FOREX auxiliary, and robust FOREX trading platforms that conform to the needs of both novice and veteran traders; business relations that remain strong and enduring; training platform accessible to all branches enabling simultaneous training of almost 500 brokers.

“By keeping a steadfast eye on the basic yet cornerstone essentials: clients, investments, & customer service, we try to maintain our industry leadership as a privately owned FCM, respected and trusted by millions across the globe,” Michelle said. Their key urgencies correlated to the firm’s cornerstone essentials comprise of promotions and logistics, technology management to be accessible to an ever growing market; brilliant teams and an uncompromising distinction in terms of customer care, support, and services.

“The Board, and everyone, I included have profound faith and confidence in these two individuals who have continuously demonstrated outstanding performance and exemplary character. We wait with great expectations on the many changes and improvements that they will and can bring about,” Jeremy Scott stresses.
Trade Miles International
Mario Ashton