Trade Miles International R&D Analysis Instruments Now Accessible On-Line

The Business Research and Development Team proudly announced the availability of Trade Miles International’s R&D coverage and analysis instruments benefiting microfinance guarantors and account managers. - July 06, 2013

Trade Miles International Now Providing Professional Brokerage Provisions to Fund Managers

Trade Miles International new BOD’s conducted its first major assembly in London, validating the inauguration of its latest investment brokerage chain in the microfinance business niche. - July 03, 2013

Trade Miles International Office Undergoes Make-Over

Trade Miles International’s has established its first office in London 25 years ago. - June 30, 2013

Trade Miles International Reorganizes Corporate Structure; Highlights Dexterity, Cost Control and Client Satisfaction

Espousing its continuing strategy, taking into consideration retirements and acknowledging the importance of engendering a leaner, more dexterous, client satisfaction directed, Trade Miles International revealed a few administrative modifications and a reorganized corporate form. - May 30, 2013

Trade Miles International Elevates Chief Legal Officer to Senior Vice President

The Board of Directors of Trade Miles International has chosen Alex Nixon, presently Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, to the take on the Senior Vice President role. - May 19, 2013

Trade Miles International CEO Jeremy Scott Presents Assertive Plans for Development and Enhancing Shareholder Proceeds and Operating Precincts

Banking on the firm’s strengths, CEO Mr. Jeremy Scott sat down with the firm’s analysts and investors this afternoon and tackled the revamped 5-10 year strategy. - May 09, 2013

Trade Miles International Re-Affirms International Chiefs of Finance & Capital Markets

Trade Miles International has voted Michael Dougall and Paul Kajewski to continue on their term as International Chiefs of Finance and Capital Markets practices respectively, subsequent to accepted elections. - April 28, 2013

Trade Miles International Chairman & CEO, Jeremy Scott Talks About Running A Successful Ménage Business

Setting up a “domestic council” and an “everyday disposition” is essential in running a successful ménage business, said Jeremy Scott, Trade Miles International Chairman & CEO. - April 18, 2013

Trade Miles International Holds Forum on Raising Capital

Trade Miles International through Business Development Division (BDD) held a Novelty Forum on raising capital at Trade Miles International’s Tech Hub. - April 06, 2013

Trade Miles International Looking for New Chief Executive

Trade Miles International observed the gradual development of some of their auxiliary services and product lines so they made an analysis in order for them to identify the reason behind this. The firm is looking forward for a vast growth so the Executive Commission are initiating further strategies and ideas that would contribute and further intensify the development, primarily the assignment of a new chief executive for these auxiliary services and product lines. - April 04, 2013

Trade Miles International Assigned Andrea Michelle as COO and Simon Thompson as VP

Effective immediately, Andrea Michelle has been entrusted with the position COO. He will spearhead all daily facets of the company and auxiliaries as delegated by the Executive Commision. - March 21, 2013

Trade Miles International Will Open New Branch in Brussels, Pursues Network Expansion in 2013

Trade Miles International further strengthens its branch network as it will open a new branch in Brussels in few months. - March 16, 2013

Trade Miles International Campaigns the Company’s Message

The company made this announcement today, campaign rolled out to underscore the company’s message: “The best thing about our technology is our people.” The company continues to lead the industry in technological innovations to advance the accuracy, ease and speed of trade execution, risk management capabilities, and account management for individuals, brokers, commercial interests, and institutions. - March 12, 2013

AIRPRESS Trading Experience Revitalized for Trade Miles International

Trade Miles International 's in-house market analysts have confirmed a continuous intensification in the quantities of AIRPRESS traded in the past months. - March 07, 2013

Trade Miles International Promotes Monica Baker to Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Chief

Trade Miles International revealed that Monica Baker has been tapped to lead the firm’s Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Department. Baker has been demonstrating commendable performance as an integral member of the compliance team. Her extensive 5 year experience of directing organizational and legal conformity and regulatory prerequisites for financial businesses regulated by the CFTC and NFA are very important contributions she brings to this current promotion. - February 24, 2013

Trade Miles International Launches Mobile Trading App

After months of travail, research, and production, the Technology Division of Trade Miles International has unveiled its latest offering, the iFuturesPocket, a smartphone app intended to boost mobile trading by giving traders immediate access to important trading resources, transitioning from office trading into mobile trading. - February 23, 2013

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