Star Wars Audio Parody Show ends on 8/19/07

Tatooine TV, the Award-Winning Star Wars Parody Series ends with a live, retrospective show on 8/19/07.

Orange, CA, August 09, 2007 --( Jeff Roney (RoneyZone Productions (, an actor, writer, director, producer, stand-up comedian, and a Star Wars fan- gave his fellow-Star Wars fans some audio parody chuckles with Tatooine TV, on his birthday in 2003, and continued until 2006. The premise of TTV was a blending of the Star Wars universe with pop icons from the present day.

These "pre-podcast" mp3 files found a home with other Star Wars Fan Audio productions on, and the little parody show grew from a meager PC in Orange County to win awards every year the show was nominated.

TTV episodes were 3 to 5 minutes in length, and feature 1 to 2 comedy sketches. Notable sketches include; The Skywalker family on the Dr. Phil show, Infomercial about building Death Stars in your backyard, Dr. Evil choosing his successor, JarJar in the Army, Santa being captured by a passing Star Destroyer, Chewbacca joining 'The Osbournes' as a new pet, "Stuart" from MadTV joining a Jedi School, Commander Pilates, Michael Moore investigates Emperor Palpatine, and many more.

Jeff, a natural mimic, handled most of the voices himself, but also found a talented troupe to assist him, with; Shawn "Obi Shawn" Crosby, Colleen Roney, Katy Tyszkiewicz, Beth Tyszkiewicz, William Lundin, Michael Smith, Ara Pelodi, and many others. The TTV voice group weaved their magic for 36 official episodes, and some special episodes for other shows.

Jeff wrote most of the sketches, but also had co-writing help from John Cosper, Jack and Gretchen Hall, and other editors, as well. Even though there were other hands in the mix, Jeff's comedy touch was all over them.

As the internet grew, so did the reach of TTV. Many internet shows (Star Wars en Direct, and others) and Internet Radio stations (Dementia Radio, and others) played the crazy episodes, as well.

One of the little-understood jokes was the fact that Tatooine TV was a bungled TV signal that never got the video signal to attach to the audio signal, however some episodes did make a transition to youtube in the past few months.

The final episode of Tatooine TV ended its official run in 2006, but more did lie ahead.

Jeff had already used a web 2.0 interactive podcast solution, (A blending of a conference call interaction, and online text chatting), for another award-winning show, RoneyZone Radio, and felt that maybe there was more life in the Tat TV "ship". Tat TV Live, was more of a test bed to build anticipation for the Retrospective Show on August 19th, but it had other uses, as well. Jeff wanted to try out live, adlib comedy routines, so he asked Ara Pelodi to call in to the shows, and mimic Britney Spears, and other characters with success. All pieces were now in place for the "big show".

Jeff has many things planned for the retrospective show; Behind the Scenes stories? Yes. Interviews with Voice Actors and Writers? Yes. Also, new Tatooine TV sketches will also be played on the show, like the Dune Sea Experience (Spoof of Disney's California Adventure). Jeff also plans to perform live enactments of newly scripted sketches, as well. This show will give participants a glimpse into the heart of this award-winning Star Wars Audio Parody series, Tatooine TV, one last time. Don't miss it- it is your destiny.

"Tat TV Live" featuring the Tatooine Retrospective Show will begin at 2:50PM ET on 8/19/07, at http://SWTalk.JRDonline.Com. * Please register at prior to the show. The phone number is 1-724-444-7444, TalkCast ID: 18246, PIN is what you set up at TalkShoe. Mark your calendars, and we will see you on August 19th- live, on Tat TV Live.

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Jeff Roney