Gerbil on a Wheel... Balance for Business Women a Myth

Roaring Women Founder Scoffs at 'Balance' and Instead Offers Strategies for Tired Business Women

Calgary, Canada, August 09, 2007 --( It's the middle of summer... you're hot, you're tired. Many women are dealing with filling in for co-workers on vacation as well as trying to get care for kids off for the summer - they feel like a caged gerbil running endlessly on a treadmill.

"I've been there," says Mandie Crawford, founder of the international business organization, Roaring Women Ltd. "As the mother of four children and a former police officer, I felt that the only solution was to clone myself like Michael Keaton in the movie Multiplicity."

However, with some time management training and a certification in Human Behaviour, she now offers other women insight and three effective strategies to get off the gerbil wheel.

"The most important thing is to prevent the fatigue that affects our decision-making abilities," says Crawford. "Fatigue and its related emotions can undermine our ability to succeed. And for goodness sake, there is no such thing as balance - so don't demean women by trying to talk to them about balance. What they need are good business strategies and systems."

Crawford believes the secret is in systems. Systems that will automate a business and eliminate much of the chaos that many experience as their business grows. She maintains that this chaos is what causes us to feel out of control and tires us out. In fact, many women believe if they can just do a little more, everything will be okay. Everybody goes through ebbs and flows and times of doubting their ability to carry on in business or in life. "It's often just a lot of small things that push us over the edge," adds Crawford.

Finally - Stop, Look and Listen. If you feel like you've been hit by a freight train, it's time you change your strategies when it comes to both business and personal life. It is important sometimes to just walk away and take a break – recognizing that the world will not end if you miss a deadline here or there – or if you let the phone ring for an afternoon.

More about Mandie Crawford
Mandie Crawford is the president of Roaring Women Ltd., a national motivational speaker, a two time nominee for Athena and has also been nominated by WEN as “Most Powerful Women in Canada – Top 100” for 2006. McMaster University calls her "Canada's Guru of Women Entrepreneurs". She was the first Canadian Pearl at the fourth annual Project Legacy held in October 2006 in New York City. A former police officer and author, Mandie Crawford's lectures to business women and others teaching them how to draw the right people, opportunities, and success into their world.

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