Labor of Love: New Company Tiny Tales Delivers Ingenious Solution to Empty Baby Books

Forget empty nest syndrome – parents of young children are worrying about “empty baby book syndrome.” For busy parents who don’t have time to keep up with documenting their child’s every adventure, new company Tiny Tales introduces a new line of fun and flexible kits that are quickly becoming the "it" item for parents trying to avoid the guilt over empty baby books.

Framingham, MA, August 08, 2007 --( After her search for the perfect baby book left her empty-handed, new mom Lara Frankovitch decided to create a kit that would not only record her son’s milestones, but that would be flexible and easy.

“I wanted to document the typical baby book staples like first bath and first smile,” she says, “but I also wanted to include the funny little stories that make you laugh, and that you would never remember unless you wrote them down - like 'first loud burp in public'.”

The Tiny Tales line of products currently includes three distinct kits: Baby Tales, Toddler Tales, and Personalized Tales. All kits include easy to complete tear-off notepads, dividers to organize the notes, and a sturdy box for storage. The flexibility and simplicity of the kits allow parents to record every milestone and adventure in their baby's childhood.

Baby Tales is specifically targeted for Baby’s first year and Toddler Tales holds stories from ages 1-4. The Personalized Tales product allows the customer to choose the divider text.

Tiny Tales was founded in November 2006 with the Baby Tales kit, but really started taking off in June 2007 when the website was re-launched with online ordering capability. In addition, the introduction of the Toddler Tales kit created buzz with parents of toddlers. “I knew I had a product that would be the perfect, unique baby shower gift,” founder Lara Frankovitch explains about Baby Tales. “I also had requests for a kit for older children. Those are the years where every day brings a new hilarious interpretation of the English language, new trick, or new favorite game.”

Popular parenting and shopping blogs are already taking notice of this innovative product and are predicting the Tiny Tales kits will be a hit with sleep-deprived new parents and baby shower go-ers searching for a unique gift. Add to that rave reviews from satisfied moms who instantly fall in love with their Tiny Tales kits the moment they open them, and it is not difficult to see how Tiny Tales is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for anyone who spends time with children and is wowed by every “newsworthy” event, whether big – or tiny.

Tiny Tales are $32 including shipping and may be purchased online at

About Tiny Tales
Tiny Tales offers an ingenious line of products that give parents an easy and flexible way to document every milestone and adventure in their baby’s active childhood. With playfully illustrated notepads, cleverly coordinated dividers, and a sturdy acrylic box that keeps every memory safe, Tiny Tales makes it simple to make sure little moments don’t get lost in life’s big picture.

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