Online Retail Sales on the Continued Rise, Aims to Bridge the Gap

As Internet retailers continue to rapidly outpace their physical locations in terms of reach and sales growth, many new startups are eager and inspired to be a part of the online shopping craze by developing useful and creative tools for consumers.

Pittsburgh, PA, March 22, 2013 --(, has just announced the launch of their new web app that offers it’s users a one of a kind online shopping experience. Aimed at helping consumers, the site acts as a portal for quick and easy access to an abundance of popular stores while allowing for the discovery of new ones.

With the significant growth of online and mobile retail in the last decade, this is coming at a turning point where millions of consumers are making the conscious decision to spend their money shopping from home. "It’s been happening for a while now and the contributing factors such as reach, variety and privacy are all very apparent," says Drag The Bag™ co-founder Giulia Scalese on the continued declination of consumers who choose to buy in-store versus shopping online. “It was our goal to create something innovative yet simple and straight forward for people to use as a starting point when they decide to go shopping online. With a little bit of ingenuity, we were able to put a twist on a classic concept and introduce something that is both fresh and familiar. We are simply stepping in to make the transition of online shopping fun and engaging by bridging the gap between the classic way of shopping and the virtual marketplace.”

Drag The Bag™ is just that, a hybrid shopping experience made of old and new components. It’s a refreshing interpretation of what an online mall should really be like an once you've landed, it doesn't take long at all to realize where you are. Designed around an idea that is both simple and functional, (not to mention actually uses escalators, elevators and a slick directory to navigate) it certainly hits the mark in terms of stimulating your shopping senses. According to co-founder and developer Thomas Villarreal, “The fun is just beginning. We have a lot of exciting additions and features that we will be rolling out to add more engagement and entertainment overall. We are still in the early stages of where we believe we will end up with this.”

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