This Fall, a Handful of Students Reshape the College Landscape with - What Else - the Web.

Everett, WA, August 10, 2007 --( In September 2006, traditional technology bored Everett-native Kelly Sutton. He was more and more turning toward promising new software perfectly suited to students’ needs. Unfortunately for him, none of his peers knew about this new software. Kelly decided to take matters into his own hands and create a “lifehacking” blog titled HackCollege ( His life as a student has not been the same since.

The blog is an addition to the recently popular universe of “lifehacks,” small tips and tricks to make life more efficient. Kelly soon realized much of college life was backwards and definitely not taking advantage of the slew of new software. Much of this new software becomes more useful as more people adopt it, a typical quality of social webbased software. HackCollege was no exception; shorty after launch, Rosario Doriott, a Yale student with similar interests, joined the site as an editor. Since then, HackCollege has added two more writers to keep up with demand for pertinent and intelligent college-related content.

While it would be incorrect to say the site has “taken off,” the site has seen a steady growth of traffic with a dedicated base of loyal readers. Despite its slow rise to significant readership, HackCollege has outlived many other college-related blogs. CollegeHumor has conquered the humorous side of university life; HackCollege hopes to one day command the intellectual aspects of college life.

While Kelly and Rosario have yet to make any money through click-based ads, HackCollege has proved to be an excellent resume. Both the editors and writers of the blog have received unsolicited job offers and interviews from magazines. Now the writers of HackCollege can also be seen on sites such as Sports Illustrated OnCampus,, and a few others. “We got into this thinking we’d attain fame through the site. Instead, the site has led to other surprising opportunities. We’re living in a very bizarre time,” Kelly says.

Kelly attended Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett, Washington and graduated in 2005. Hecurrently attends Loyola Marymount University pursuing degrees in film production and computer science. He plans to graduate in 2010, although he is technically in the class of 2009.

Rosario Doriott graduated from Yale this spring with degrees in psychology and computer science. She plays to attend law school. Although Rosario and Kelly work together on a daily basis, they have never met in person.

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