MD Stem Cells - Macular Degeneration Patient Continues to Improve Following Stem Cell Treatments

Married for 72 years, patient’s husband confirms positive visual results are continuing for his wife following stem cell treatment for AMD.

Ridgefield, CT, March 23, 2013 --( Macular Degeneration is a common progressive retinal condition that destroys the central vision for patients – many times as they are just entering retirement and find their visual needs for reading and driving increasing. It may be dry and consist of drusen and retinal cell loss or wet with abnormal blood vessel formation under the retina. In both types of macular degeneration, treatment with adult stem cells may be of significant help. MD Stem Cells followed up on a remarkable 92 year old patient to see whether her initial improvements were continuing.

The patient had stem cell treatment for her macular degeneration and as reported in a prior press release, the response following stem cell treatment was quite rapid. “We’re happy to report that the improvements provided by a combination of injections behind, adjacent and within the eye are continuing to benefit this remarkable patient even several weeks following treatment,” indicates Dr. Levy, President of MD Stem Cells.

The patient Roma McCoy exclaims “I’m an avid reader and I notice my reading is better now – I can even read some pages on regular print books instead of the large print I’m used to.” Roma remarks, “My distance vision is continuing to get better and I can see cars and signs more clearly.” In her treatment the stem cells were injected intravitreal in one eye. She notes that the floaters that were present from that treatment have resolved that that the vision continues to brighten.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I can see who I’m talking to- see their facial expressions,” says Roma. “Before peoples’ faces were all in shadow and I could not see what they looked like. Now I can look across the room or across the dining room table and see them! It’s really important to me to be able to see who I’m talking to and now I can.”

Roma and her husband Dave have been happily married for 72 years with 6 children and many grandchildren- so Dave knows his wife very well.

Dave collaborates, “she’s doing wonderful, just great. She doesn’t complain about her vision as much and doesn’t wear the dark glasses she used to. She moves around the house by herself a lot more easily now and doesn’t need someone to go with her. Before the stem cell treatment she always wanted someone to walk with her.”

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