Shapeline and Bohler-Uddeholm Continue Long Term Relationship

Linkoping, Sweden, August 10, 2007 --( Shapeline is happy to announce a system delivery to Böhler-Uddeholm. The system, being the second delivered to Böhler-Uddeholm Precision Strip AB in Munkfors, Sweden, will replace the system delivered in 1998 in the quality inspection line. With the new system performance is increased and even smaller deviations in flatness will be measured. The old system, still being in full working order, will be used for evaluation of new applications in the hardening line of the same plant.

Shapeline CEO, Pär Kierkegaard, PhD, says: "The system delivered in 1998 was one of our first systems put in real operational use. It is satisfying in itself that Shapeline maintains the trust of Böhler-Uddeholm and is invited to replace the old system with the latest Shapeline 500 equipment. That the almost 10 year old existing system still has a value to the customer and will be used for evaluation purposes makes me proud about how well our systems keeps bringing benefits over a long time.”

Mr. Jan Hellström, Head of Production Saw Steel at Böhler-Uddeholm Precision Strip says: “We are committed in delivering the best quality product possible, and the Shapeline equipment has become an important part of doing so.” He continues: “Our current system continues to deliver the information we require, but is getting close to end-of-life. By replacing it while it is still operational we make sure that our current use is undisturbed while we get a chance to evaluate possibilities to further improve our process by introducing measurements also on other locations in our line.”

About Böhler-Uddeholm
Böhler-Uddeholm AG is a leading international specialty steel and materials company and worldwide market leader in tool steel (High Performance Metals Division), bimetallic strips, cutting and creasing rules, rule die steel (Precision Strip Division), and blades for gas and steam turbines (Special Forgings Division); worldwide number 2 in highspeed steel (High Performance Metals Division) and worldwide number 3 in welding materials (Welding Consumables Division).

The Group is one of the largest corporations in Austria with production sites in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey, USA and Mexico and heat treatment operations worldwide.

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About Shapeline
Shapeline AB is a privately owned company based in the city of Linköping in Sweden. The Shapeline solution for measuring the flatness of metallic products (plates or strip) is technical frontline. Not only will the Steel producers that use the Shapeline system be able to verify and document the flatness of the products delivered – by measuring flatness in different phases of the production costs are saved too. For more information please contact Pär Kierkegaard, or visit our homepage at

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