The Performance Enhancement Process

The performance enhancement process is a series of 3 exercises that can be implemented today that will dramatically impact the performance and producitivty of your organization. The process and exercises provides your company with a new understanding of your employee belief system and their idea of success and what it takes to be both personally and professionally successful in today's unique marketplace.

Navarre, FL, March 29, 2013 --( Performance Enhancement process

The Impact Performance group announces the Performance Enhancement process. A process that includes specific exercises that will directly impact your company performance and productivity.

The Impact Performance Group a proven sales leadership and performance enhancement organization introduces the performance enhancement process designed to impact productivity and performance in today’s competitive marketplace.

In today’s competitive work environment organizations are looking for new ways and ideas on how to impact the productivity and performance of their organization. Every leader shares tremendous frustration with their ability or inability to directly impact their organizations performance and productivity.

Leaders provide specific company goals and expectations and yet for whatever reason their organization is still not performing up to leadership expectations.

One of the reasons for this is simply that leaders are trying to impact their employees performance and productivity based on leadership desires and not the performance desires of their team members or employees. Their performance enhancement is based on leaderships view of success and not from the standpoint of their employees ideas of success and increased performance.

Companies have learned that once they find a way to develop a performance enhancement process built around employees wants, needs and desires then they can truly coach to employees performance expectations. This simply means leadership within organizations today needs to find and implement new ways to better understand the performance and success motives of their company and build a leadership performance enhancement process around employee motives, beliefs, expectations and desires to increase performance and productivity.

With that in mind listed below are three performance enhancement exercises that today’s organizations can effectively implement that will allow them to better understand their team members and their performance enhancement process.

1. The Success exercise:
Have team members identify in writing what does personal and professional success look like to them. This exercise is designed to help organizations leadership learn how their team members think about success and more importantly what does it take from their viewpoint to reach their desired level of success. This now becomes an organizations coaching blue print designed to impact their organizations productivity within their marketplace.

2. Personal goal setting process:
In today’s marketplace organizations have well defined set of goals and expectations, they expect their team members to work towards and achieve. The missing link in this concept is that the key to successful goal setting is to develop a process of combining both individual personal goals with company goals designed to work collectively on both at the same time.

The key is to have team members identify their specific personal goals they would like to achieve in conjunction with your business goals. Have employees go through a defined process of identifying personal goals and most importantly what behavioral changes must they make within their performance to achieve their personal goals.

3. If you were coaching you exercise:
Ask your empolyees to answer this question: If you were coaching yourself, what two specific areas of your performance would you change today that would have the greatest impact on your performance and productivity?

Have the organization identify the two things they would implement today or change that could have the greatest impact on their personal performance and success based upon their answers.

This exercise becomes a self reflective look at their individual performance and productivity and the desired change that needs to be made from their standpoint and not from leaderships perspective.

This organizational process is designed to enhance leaderships ability to better understand and impact their performance process from team members perspective and then develop a comprehensive coaching game plan based on the input from their team members.

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