Streamlining Real Estate Hazard Disclosure Through Technology

Agreement between GeoAssurance and Benutech to Provide Digital Delivery and Signing for Natural Hazard Disclosures

Long Beach, CA, March 31, 2013 --( GeoAssurance, a top natural hazard disclosure company, and Benutech, Inc., provider of software solutions for real estate professionals, have entered into an agreement in which GeoAssurance will use Benutech’s new back office system, ReboCollab, for the digital delivery of its property disclosures, which include Natural Hazards Disclosures (NHD), CERTS, flood reports, and build permit requests.

Through ReboCollab, GeoAssurance’s high-quality and high-tech reports will be able to be clearly and easily transferred and tracked from party to party, with online signing components and a full transaction log. Brokers and managers will also be able to accurately monitor the completion status of these documents.

“In states like California, property disclosures are complicated and tedious, and common mistakes can be costly,” said Benutech CEO Ryan Marshall. “ReboCollab will reduce these risks, and provide the users with an overall better experience.”

“ReboCollab is a great system for streamlining a cumbersome and paper-intensive process and eliminating the human errors that inevitably occur.”-GeoAssurance

According to California Civil Code section 1103, it is the responsibility of sellers/brokers of real property to disclose that the property is located in a hazard zone. The law requires disclosure for areas at risk for natural or dam-caused flooding, high or wildland fire, and earthquake or other seismic hazards. GeoAssurance’s NHD reports address up to 25 additional addenda and disclosures, and their environmental disclosure reports include disclosures such as oil wells (active and abandoned), landfills, pipelines, and other environmental hazards.

Marshall first encountered GeoAssurance over 10 years ago as an agent, recommending them as his preferred natural hazard disclosure company. Later, after founding Benutech to provide technology solutions for real estate professionals, he reconnected with GeoAssurance.

“We’re like-minded,” said Marshall, “we’re both embracing technology, collaboration, and ‘paperless transactions’ as key to the future of the industry.”

About GeoAssurance

GeoAssurance, an industry leader in Disclosure Reports providing comprehensive, easy to read Natural Hazard and Environmental Reports available for both residential and commercial real estate. GeoAssurance has assembled accurate proprietary databases using actual parcel boundaries to provide the most precise information possible in order to evaluate legal issues, such as abandoned oil wells on properties, locally mapped unstable soils, methane zones, landslide areas, and high pressure pipelines to help sellers disclose and buyers in their decision making process. Founded in 2005, upon the founder’s 40+ years prior experience in the real estate and title industry, GeoAssurance is based in Long Beach California. For more information, visit

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About Benutech, Inc.

Benutech, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the commitment and dedication to revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through the creation and implementation of the most advanced and intuitive technological platforms in the industry. These innovative platforms include ReboGateway for lead generation and data solutions, ReboCollab for paperless transaction management, and TitleToolbox for farming searches. By taking on the viewpoint of our clients and their needs, Benutech can build the tools needed to grow the most streamlined, efficient, and productive business model available.

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