Sites of the World's Cultures: Pergamon and the New View of the World Available on DVD April 30

New York, NY, April 04, 2013 --( Kultur is proud to announce the DVD release of Pergamon and the New View of the World a new addition in the acclaimed series, Sites of the World's Cultures, available April 30, 2013.

Greece has long been considered as the cradle of European culture. What tends to be overlooked is that the beginnings of Greek culture and the foundations of Western intellectual history are to be found in Asia Minor.

Three thousand years ago Greek emigrants landed on the Aegean coast of what is today known as Turkey. Here they founded many settlements which became centers of trade, science and philosophy.

In cities such as Smyrna (modern day Izmir), Milet and Ephesos ideas came into being which formed the foundation for Plato’s and Aristotle’s writings.

In Pergamon, with its huge library, the intellectual life of the Ionians later blossomed, and this was incomparably expressed in the Berlin Pergamon altar that is featured in this informative and entertaining program.

Title: Pergamon and the New View of the World
Street Date: April 30, 2013
SRP: $19.99
SKU: D4847
Run Time: 57 Minutes
UPC: 032031484795
ISBN: 0-978-7697-5012-5
Territory: U.S. and Canada--Region 1

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