Historic Team Everest 2003 Expedition Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Becoming the Largest Cross Disability Team to Reach Mt. Everest Base Camp

Anniversary celebrations begin in Austin, Texas this Saturday. Expedition Leader and Mt. Everest Summiter Gary Guller, the first person in the world with one arm to summit Mt. Everest to attend the party.

Austin, TX, April 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Please join Team Everest for the 10 year anniversary of this amazing accomplishment. On April 6, 2003 “Team Everest ‘03” became the largest group of people with disabilities to ever reach Base Camp. The Team Everest '03 expedition were featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles, numerous TV reports with national and international coverage. Expedition Leader, and Mt. Everest Summiter Gary Guller is flying in from Kona, HI to attend the celebration.

Said Expedition Team Leader Gary Guller, “I've never seen such a determined team, fully focused on achieving this goal and understanding the historic event that has taken place. We are feeling the effects of altitude and the time we have been on the trail, but we are thrilled to be here.”

News of the successful trek reached Austin where Texas Governor Rick Perry said, “I applaud the members of Team Everest for this incredible accomplishment. They stand as a reminder to us all that each day represents a new opportunity to achieve new goals. And limits should never be placed on the ability of the human mind or the potential of the human spirit.”

“The Freedom to explore is a freedom that everyone should have, regardless of their abilities or their disabilities,” says Gary Guller.
Gary Guller: Mt. Everest Summiter & Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Gary Guller