EMUAID ® Modern Homeopathic Medicine Launches "EMUAID CARES"

The Celebrated Brand Continues the Crusade to Assist Those Suffering with Rare Skin Disorders

Pompano Beach, FL, April 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- With the successful launch of EMUAID First Aid Ointment and with the dedication to help people, the company, Speer Laboratories decided to start a charitable program geared towards aiding people suffering with uncommon skin conditions.

When EMUAID was developed, the founder quickly learned what an effective product he created due to the rapid success he saw only from online sales with over 39,000 visitors to the website each month. It became incredibly apparent that not much has been done to raise awareness nor has much research been conducted on illnesses such as hemorrhoids, molluscum contagiosum and hidradenitis suppurativa (severe boils). Based on the powerful testimonials and speaking to the consumers, it was discovered that these people are often led to believe that their condition is untreatable. The medical professionals try to sell these patients expensive prescriptions that do not perform. A lot of these skin conditions are painful and people are ashamed to talk about it. EMUAID has not only been able to treat approximately 90% of these rare diseases but the brand has also created a forum where individuals can talk about their illness and give developers crucial information on how to remedy these conditions.

Enter in, EMUAID CARES, a program that was established to isolate 10% of the EMUAID production for those in need. These conditions are often more prevalent in individuals from impoverished areas or stressful situations, especially those of financial matters. It has been discovered that these people have compromised immune systems and the maker is working on creating an entire product line to heal these sufferers. EMUAID has seen such astounding results treating these painful diseases and phenomenal success with their internet platform which puts them in the position to provide these people with the medicine. The product is particularly effective on molluscum contagiosum, a known childhood condition, prompting the company to join forces with a local South Florida charity helping kids in crisis. There are no known side effects of EMUAID and it treats such a variety of ailments and offers relief so quickly that the brand is focused on helping as many patients as possible.

EMUAID is a natural homeopathic medicine that works with your skin’s own systemic regenerative mechanisms to heal a variety of acute skin conditions. As a topical treatment, EMUAID is non-invasive, safe to use anywhere on the body, and works as an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial salve. EMUAID is safe and effective for all ages and relief is often immediate. Most users notice a difference in their skin condition, however advanced, within 24 hours.

About EMUAID® Founder Richard Nicolo
A renowned product developer and formulator, Richard Nicolo has pioneered many of the medical industry’s most innovative and efficacious over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic medicines and medical devices. His dedication to finding curative treatments for those suffering with difficult to treat skin conditions resulted in his genius discovery of EMUAID.

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