MobStac Announces the Launch of the World’s First and Only API Platform for Developers to Build and Manage Mobile Websites and Apps for Their Customers Easily

Walnut, CA, April 07, 2013 --( MobStac announces the launch of the world’s first and only API platform that lets developers build & manage both mobile websites and apps for their customers. The MobStac API platform will provide web developers complete access to the hosted MobStac platform to rapidly create, modify and delete unlimited mobile sites and apps.

MobStac API platform will be loaded with a set of developer tools to make coding, testing, deploying, provisioning and scaling of mobile sites and apps easy for developers. By signing up as a developer, MobStac lets you plug in your customized themes and designs into a preset framework, equips you with a set of tools to test your final products on any mobile environment at the click of a button and finally lets you launch your customers’ mobile sites and apps in just one-fourth of the usual development time.

“There is a growing need from brands and content publishers worldwide to leverage the power of mobile seamlessly and the MobStac API platform provides developers with what they were looking for - a plug-and-play solution that integrates with any existing website,” says Sharat Potharaju, CEO & Co-founder of MobStac.

The MobStac API platform integrates with any existing CMS in minutes and is built in with template editing tools with custom CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript libraries, giving the developer full control of all mobile assets created. You can find more details about the MobStac API platform here -

The API platform will initially be available to developers on an invite-only basis,
which we could make available as a special preview to you and your readers.
Lakshmi Harikumar