Healthcare Businesses Leading the Way to More Jobs

According to the Department of Labor statistics, healthcare businesses are leading the way out of the current economic recession. Healthcare Business Solutions, an Eagan, Minnesota based company is part of the healthcare expansion process.

Burnsville, MN, April 11, 2013 --( The Department of Labor Statistics showed that healthcare businesses had created 32,000 new jobs in February. This was 13.6% of the total US jobs created for the month. Healthcare Business Solutions, a local company in Eagan, Minnesota is part of the healthcare expansion leading the country out of the recession.

Tunisia Irby, the owner of Healthcare Business Solutions (, started her medical billing business for chiropractors and mental health practitioners in 2007. She has now outgrown her space in Eagan. On April 1st, Healthcare Business Solutions has moved to a larger location where additional medical billing clerks will be employed as her business continues to expand to meet the new demands of the healthcare industry.

When asked why healthcare businesses jobs continue to grow, Ms Irby said the healthcare expansion comes from several areas. “As the population ages, there is a need for more healthcare services. There is also a shift in medical practice as more jobs shift to tech support, medical secretaries and medical records experts so staff like registered nurses, therapists and doctors can spend more time with patients.”

In addition, Irby added, “We have the 2010 Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that will be fully implemented in October of 2013. Initially this implementation will create additional medical jobs at all levels.”

Ms Irby also noted that electronic medical records are changing the healthcare landscape. As new electronic record systems are implemented, new opportunities open for businesses like Healthcare Business Solutions ( They can electronically do the billing and coding from their own offices to a serve a much wider geographic area.

If you want to learn more about Healthcare Business Solutions and potential upcoming job openings, you can contact Ms. Irby at 651-287-5222. Her website is

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