New Book Advances Time Management Thinking

Business Fable Describes the Need for Everyone to Design Their Own Time Management System.

Hollywood, FL, April 10, 2013 --( Francis Wade of 2Time Labs today announced the release of Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. It's a business fable set in New Jersey that describes the epiphany and the progress of a project manager and engineer who avoids being laid off by making dramatic improvements in his productivity.

It's not your usual improvement story of someone following a fixed set of rules set down by a guru. Instead, Bill tries all the wrong things at first, including purchasing a smartphone and rolling back his everyday practices by several years to conform to a book he once read.

He fails spectacularly to make things better, and only comes good when he discovers that he must craft his own approach in order to make the improvements needed to save his job. This he does with a little help here and there from others, but along the way he innovates a new line of thinking that discards the one-size-fits-all dogma that pervades time management books and programs.

When he turns down an opportunity to leave the company for a safer job, it seems stupid, except that he's hell-bent on saving his colleagues and the firm from ruin. Despite opposition from a formidable and nasty "colleague," he's able to take his team of low performers to a new level of achievement by putting in place a system of continuous improvement centered around each individual's time management skills.

"The story is not the point," emphasizes the author, Francis Wade. "We all need to learn how to upgrade our time management practices whenever we want, in response to a promotion, new marriage, expanded job responsibilities - whatever the stressor might be. Once we learn how to be that flexible, we can expand our capacity by making intelligent upgrades, regardless of the book or program that everyone thinks is 'IT.'"

Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure demolishes the idea that productivity comes from simply following someone else's detailed prescriptions. Instead, we must find our own way and this book is a helping hand to everyone who must get better at managing their time in order to satisfy their goals.
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Francis Wade