New Free Email Services Allows Consumers to See Who is Selling Their Email Addresses

"I'm sick of getting spam - everyone is. Most people don't know how the spammers get their email address. I created this service because I wanted to know who was responsible for all the junk mail." --Joel Lansden, creator

Birmingham, AL, August 12, 2007 --( Anyone who gets a large amount of spam would probably like to know how their email address got into spammer hands. Now you can find out. myBigDot is a free service that enables users to blow the whistle on companies and websites who share your address with spammers. Sign up for a free account at myBigDot's website - which requires no personal information - and you're set to go. Signup takes about 30 seconds. myBigDot receives email on the user's behalf and tags the message with an I.D. that reveals what website the address was submitted on. Should that address end up in a spammer's hands, the I.D. reveals how it got there. myBigDot allows users to anonymously report the companies that engage in this practice and the list is posted on the myBigDot website. myBigDot creator Joel Lansden had this to say: "It's not enough to block the spam with software. We need to find out who is making a quick buck at our expense. I get hundreds of unsolicited emails each day. It eats up resources, time, and money and I'm just plain sick of it. I feel like once we know who is disseminating our addresses to the spammers, we can limit or even stop our interaction with them."

Joel Lansden
(205) 380-8883