April 14th Celebrities Lend Star Power to Stop Sex Slavery in America

X’d-OUT Campaign, A Photographic Silent Protest; Unapologetically: STOP the Rape and Torture of Our Children - The “X’d-OUT” Campaign is a charitable organization in association with 3EI ORHTTF whose mission is to get America’s attention. What everyone is calling Human Trafficking is really the Rape and Torture of our most vulnerable citizens for profit. Through advocacy, social media, and visual protest, we will demand that America open their eyes.

Toluca Lake, CA, April 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- April 14th Celebrities Lend Star Power

Third Echelon Investigations’ X’d-OUT Campaign, A Photographic Silent Protest

Unapologetically: STOP the Rape and Torture of Our Children

The hidden horrors of our country’s underbelly are hidden no more. Ask the women and children who were rescued from violent sex trafficking at The Super Bowl this year, and ask the slew of Hollywood filmmakers rising to the occasion with their own personal films on the topic.

And ask the unapologetically forthright Jeff Monteith, high-profile Executive Protection Specialist, Private Investigator, CEO and Founder of Third Echelon Investigations, Inc. He has launched the company’s 501c3 division Operation Rescued Human Trafficking Task Force (3EIORHTTF) in Los Angeles, and implementing vanguard tactics to RESCUE victims and deliver them to safe havens. Something not typically done outside law enforcement bodies.

Lindsay McGrail, Co-Founder Director of 3EI ORHTTF says, “It’s time to get real and in people's faces about very serious crimes committed against our children. It’s time to stop putting the rape and torture of our children in a nice neat little box and calling it 'Human Trafficking.' It’s time to get out on our streets, in our communities, and rescue our children - and put the people responsible for these atrocities away for a very long time.”

Photographer to the Stars, Cathryn Farnsworth is shooting talent on April 14th at her home Studio in Toluca Lake. Joining the Movement thus far will be; Sarah-Jane Potts (Sugar Rush, Casualty[2] and Waterloo Road.), Wendie Malick (Hot in Cleveland), Dan Lauria (Wonder years, Sullivan & Son), Meredith Scott Lynn (Legally Blonde, Days of our Lives), Kristolyn Lloyd (the Bold and the Beautiful), Vanessa Williams (Melrose Place, Soul Food), Tony Cox (Bad Santa, Oz the Great and Powerful), Sarah Sweet (Stand up Comedian), Karen McCullah (Writer, Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth, 10 Things I Hate About You.) Aria London (America’s Most Wanted, Four Eyes, The Badger Game) Aria is the Campaign’s Co-Producer and Human Rights Activist.

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Lindsay McGrail