Chili Technology’s ChiliPadTM to be Utilized During Evaluation Process at Sleep Center in Texas

Bed Temperature Control Device to be used at The Woodlands Center to help patients improve seep onset, duration and quality.

Mooresville, NC, April 11, 2013 --( Chili Technology LLC ( has announced that Sleep Diagnostics of Texas has implemented the use of the ChiliPad™ at the practice’s Sleep Evaluation Center at the Woodlands. By using the ChiliPad, the sleep center will be able to manipulate temperatures in order to aid in the sleep evaluation process. Patients will be introduced to the benefits of temperature adjustment as a means to improve sleep onset, duration and quality.

ChiliPad is a revolutionary product that uses research-based technology to independently control the temperature on either side of the bed from 60to 110 degrees Fahrenheit by using Single or Dual Zone control systems. Through the use of thermoelectric devices, consumers can quickly, quietly and efficiently control any style mattress to a specific temperature with a small amount of conditioned water that circulates throughout micro tubes in a thin mattress pad. By allowing individuals to adjust the mattress to their own desired temperature, ChiliPad produces individual temperature adjustments that are most conducive to achieving optimum sleep quality.

The Woodlands Sleep Evaluation Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The center was started by its president, Dr. W. David Brown, a 30-year sleep research veteran who is board certified in sleep medicine and behavioral sleep medicine, specializing in behavioral interventions in sleep disorders.

“The introduction of this technology to manage sleep surface temperatures to finite degrees at such a wide range has resulted in tremendous sleep improvement for thousands of consumers over the past few years,” said Todd Youngblood, Chili Technology’s co-creator and president. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to leverage our products capabilities into the sleep lab environment.”

“Research demonstrates that temperature affects sleep quality and duration,” said Brown. “Temperature regulation even plays a role in many cases of chronic insomnia. The sleep clinic venue is an excellent way to demonstrate the effectiveness of sleep environment temperature manipulation to our patients, and we are honored that Chili Technology is helping us with our work. In addition to ensuring their comfort during their sleep evaluation, we recognize the opportunity to introduce them to a potential solution to temperature related sleep problems that can effectively be used at home.”

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