FlexSim Releases Latest Version of Industry-Leading Healthcare Simulation Software

Increased speed and performance, improved visuals, and new charting options to be included with the only process simulation package designed specifically to save hospitals and other healthcare facilities time and money.

Orem, UT, April 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- FlexSim Software Products, an industry leader in process simulation software, is proud to announce the latest release of their healthcare product. The company is committed to developing software products that help consumers analyze and optimize their existing systems, saving time and money and reducing risk. FlexSim Healthcare (HC) represents the best simulation package available to healthcare providers today, and FlexSim HC 4.0 is the fastest and most powerful release yet.

This marks the fifth major release of the software, a simulation product that has maintained a singular focus on the healthcare industry since its introduction in June 2009. According to Cliff King, Chief Technology Officer in charge of FlexSim HC development, the upcoming release marks “a substantial improvement in healthcare simulation technology, along with added usability.”

In an effort to improve performance and help healthcare decision makers save time, FlexSim HC’s graphing and charting systems has been overhauled to provide more meaning analysis tools. A.J. Bobo, lead developer of FlexSim HC, explained that the system has been altered so that users can simply choose what data they would like to see, and an appropriate charting solution will be provided.

“The users’ desire is ‘I want to see state information about my model,’ not ‘I want to find a chart to display state information,’” Bobo explained. “It gives the user a lot more flexibility and more meaningful output.”

The addition of native AutoCAD importing and multi-core processor simulation will decrease the time it takes for users to create effective models, helping them quickly find optimum resource levels within budget restrictions. Visual elements have also been improved, with new shapes and animations for both male and female patients, including crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and arm slings.

FlexSim HC 4.0 is available for download immediately.
FlexSim Software Products
Markus Cueva