"Kids Adopt a Shelter" Collects Donations for Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter at Spring Donation Festival in Massapequa Dog Park

"Kids Adopt a Shelter" is an animal shelter support organization founded by a child actor named Sean Martin and represented by children and families worldwide. They are on a mission to collect donations and supply aid for animal shelters. Volunteers and pet item donations are needed for their upcoming Spring Donation Festival, which takes place April 12 to 14 at Massapequa Dog Park.

Massapequa, NY, April 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The 13-year-old actor Sean Martin is at it again with his philanthropic efforts. In 2010, he gathered donations for Briarwood Family Residence in Jamaica, NY. His mission in 2011 was to organize a drive for The Little Shelter, an animal shelter in Huntington, NY. Now his goal is to aid animal shelters grows worldwide with his organization, "Kids Adopt a Shelter" or K.A.a.S. Sean decided he wanted to help other animal shelters after collecting and dropping off donations at The Little Shelter on Dec. 23, 2011. He created a Facebook page called, "Kids Adopt a Shelter," never expecting to gain more than 1,000 “likes” in 24 hours. “Kids Adopt a Shelter” presently has over 6,200 Facebook “likes” and representatives for New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, 24 states and over 60 shelters (adopters).

“Kids Adopt a Shelter” are preparing for their next donation drive at the Massapequa Dog Park from Friday April 12 to Sunday April 14. Sean is collecting donations for the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter and other local shelters. He is working with the Long Island Dog Owners Group, Massapequa Moms Group, and the Pequa News for this event. It is taking place at the Massapequa Dog Park, which is located at Louden St. and Clocks Blvd. in Massapequa, NY. Pet owners, animal lovers and families are invited to attend and donate on Friday April 12 from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Animal shelters need items such as food, blankets, medicine, toys, cleaning supplies and more. Everyone who donates will be entered in a raffle to receive a personalized autographed copy of Bernadette Peters’ best-selling children’s book “Broadway Barks.”

Past Kids Adopt a Shelter efforts include other seasonal and emergency donation drives. One “Kids Adopt A Shelter” effort was in March 2013 with an emergency blanket drive, they collected three boxes full of blankets. In Dec. 2012, Sean collected and delivered over $5,000 worth of animal shelter supplies for their Holiday Donation Drive. He was able to support The Little Shelter, Friends of Freddie and the Break the Chain Program all based in Long Island, NY. During the Holiday Donation Drive, all K.A.a.S. chapters collected approximately $20,000 worth of donations for the animal shelters or rescues they represent. Sean and a K.A.a.S. member named Mary Tippin, started an emergency food pantry after Hurricane Sandy. They purchased over $200 worth of pet food so victims of Sandy could feed pets they own or foster. Individuals have also donated food through their “Amazon Wish List.” With all of his efforts in the past year, Sean has collected approximately $10,000 worth of donations and donated items. All chapters have collected around $35,000 worth of donations in the past year.

“Kids Adopt a Shelter’s” mission is “To make sure every shelter, rescue and foster can keep animals comfortable while waiting to be adopted, with the help of fellow kids.” Martin wants to get veterinarian offices, and other animal-related businesses and organizations involved. Petco of Massapequa, NY allows the K.A.a.S. team to promote the organization and collect donations at their store. A company called Business Fashion Societé supported “Kids Adopt a Shelter” at one of their events. K.A.a.S. has also worked with other organizations such as New York Animal Rights Alliance America. Martin’s ultimate goal is to have every animal shelter, rescue, sanctuary, etc. in the world represented by a “kid.”

Anyone interested can participate as a state (or country) representative, a shelter representative, spreading the word or donating. State and country representatives maintain social media, update lists of their state or country’s shelters and act as the main contact for their state or country. They also report to Martin with feedback of their state or country’s status. “Kid” shelter representatives (or adopters) organize drives and fundraise for their adopted shelter (adoptees). They also store and transport donated items, report to their state representative and keep in contact with their shelter to stay aware of their needs. K.A.a.S. posts animals and shelters that need help as well as educational material on the “Kids Adopt a Shelter” Facebook.

About Sean Martin and “Kids Adopt a Shelter”
Sean Martin is a 13-year-old actor who had roles in the film, “Sin Dolor,” as well as music videos and documentaries. Martin is also a Regional Winner of the 2012 Kohl's Cares Scholarship. He loves animals and founded the nonprofit organization, “Kids Adopt a Shelter,” to help animal shelters in December, 2011. “Kids Adopt a Shelter” is working on obtaining 501(c)3 status.

For more information, visit the “Kids Adopt a Shelter” website: http://www.kidsadoptashelter.org/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KidsAdoptaShelter
Sean Martin’s Facebook page is at: http://www.facebook.com/seanmartinposner.
Kids Adopt A Shelter
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