Paint-by-Numbers in the Palm of Your Hand

Adapting the Internet's most popular—and free—paint-by-number activity to a Windows Mobile™ platform, SegPlayMobile™ includes more than a dozen built-in patterns, near infinite pan and zoom navigation, an impressive feature set, and hours of fun for painters on-the-go.

Walnut Creek, CA, August 13, 2007 --( The popular 1950s paint-by-numbers pastime is now portable. Aficionados who are on the go can now color paint-by-numbers images without an Internet connection or even a desktop computer. Walnut Creek, California, software developer SegTech recently introduced SegPlayMobile™, a hand-held paint-by-number program for Windows Mobile™ 5 devices supporting the PocketPC program environment. The mobile version adds to the company’s successful launch of SegPlayPC™ in September, 2006.

‘Painters’ using SegPlayPC™ or SegPlayMobile™ follow a number key to fill intricate sections of a picture so the photorealistic image gradually emerges in color in the individual segments. Completing the image, the user can replay the process to marvel and learn as the work of art composes itself, color by color. A relaxing diversion popular with artsy types, the program especially resonates with middle-aged women who appreciate the application of today's computing power to the nostalgic, paint-by-numbers craze of their youth. And, with near-infinite pan and zoom controls, SegPlayMobile™ can magnify detailed sections of the pattern, so it is easy on the eyes.

The SegPlayMobile program includes more than a dozen entertaining images—masterpieces of art, portrait photographs, abstract illustrations, and cartoons. As with SegPlayPC™, SegTech continues to develop diverse collections to expand content for SegPlayMobile™.

In the "casual gaming" software category, SegPlayMobile™ is simple to use and appeals to all audiences and age groups. With a few intuitive tools, new players can begin painting immediately, completing the simplest patterns in just a few minutes. The program also offers engaging options to expand with each user’s interests, from art awareness to gaming challenges. Continuously replayable and addictive, SegPlayMobile™ can be as repetitive or infinitely varied as each user prefers.

Optimizing modern image-processing programming, SegTech programmers developed "Segmation™" technology, which enables designers to dissect pictures into outlined patterns with customized, computer-generated color palettes. Using this technology, programmers can isolate dozens of colors and divide images--from simple line drawings to intricate masterpieces or photography--into thousands of distinct segments. Based on a vectorized pattern format, SegPlayMobile™ allows near-infinite pan and zoom navigator of the patterns.

Several thousand daily visitors and habitual users have enjoyed the online version of SegPlay, available at for more than five years. The family-friendly site offers the largest and most diverse collection of photo-realistic paint-by-numbers patterns on the Internet. SegTech founder Mark H. Feldman developed Segmation™ technology and started the website in 2001.

Users can test a free, downloadable program with limited patterns on a five-day trial. The complete SegPlayMobile™ downloadable program costs $14.95(US) and is available at and other mobile device-oriented sites including Handango, PocketGear, PocketSelect, and Handster. For information, visit SegTech online at

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SegPlayMobile™, a new program from SegTech, gives a new, photorealistic twist to paint-by-numbers, digitizing the 1950s pastime and making it portable. With an easy user interface, the handheld program provides numerous gaming options so users can fill detailed patterns and enjoy a meditating, soothing, and creative computing experience on the go.

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SegPlayMobile™ Product Features

Screen Size and Orientation
The program is designed to work with various Windows Mobile devices. Resolutions and the interface of SegPlayMobile™ adjust depending on portrait or landscape orientations.

Painters can work in a standard, sizeable window or at full-screen resolution to maximize the canvas. Users can also magnify the painting to focus on and enlarge any section with infinite zoom-in and out tools. The program also includes panning, translation, and auto-advance gadgets to "move" the canvas around, complete color application, and speed the fill-in process.

The program operates in a range of modes:
· Normal (segments of the painting are number-keyed to a palette of colors)
· Hint Mode (shows only the current color to simplify the painting process)
· Free Mode (any color in the available palette can fill any segment of the painting)
In addition, "Auto-Completion" offers a quick alternative to seeing the completed pattern.

Pattern Options
Some patterns can be defined with more than 250 colored segments and palettes of up to 32 colors. Users can alternate between several combinations of line and background colors.

Gaming Features
With a dynamic user interface and fun sound effects, the program's gaming features engage users at all levels. Users can race against a timer to complete patterns in a given timeframe at levels from Easy to Experienced and Expert. Users can also employ near-infinite pan and zooming controls. With speed-painting tools, gaming users can monitor the mistake counter and track the number of remaining pieces and colors to increase the program's challenging and addictive potential.

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Mark Feldman