TVA’s NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event Showcases Best Practices and Lessons Learned for the NERC CIP Standards

Stay ahead of the ever-changing industry and NERC Version 4 and 5 implementations. Even if you have already gone through an audit, it is beneficial to discuss how others have done things to learn how to better optimize resources, processes, documents, and systems for more efficient and better resulting NERC audits.

Lenexa, KS, April 13, 2013 --( This summer, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) are hosting a two-day forum in Chattanooga, TN, that will bring together utility organizations from the various NERC Regions for a peer sharing outlet, including case studies on the preparation for and conduct of a successful NERC Audit and discussions on the types of evidence used to demonstrate compliance for the NERC requirements.

NERC CIP Standards and cyber regulations are constantly evolving and some organizations may be struggling to keep up with these changes in order to ensure constant and suitable security measures are implemented. Determining ways to successively apply adequate security practices at the same time as meeting regulatory requirements can be burdensome. TVA’s NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event is designed to equip participants with industry knowledge and peer experiences essential to building or improving a program that ties the security and regulations together.

“Really appreciated this event! It was helpful both as a pre-audit preparation workshop and as a how-to comply with the CIP Standards workshop. I specifically appreciated all of the focused and detailed information that was communicated. Normally, these workshops are too high level and provide the general information everyone already knows. Your workshop dove right into the important details and I am coming away with many golden nuggets of information!” – Mark Koziel, Reliability Compliance Consultant, First Energy Corp. – PPL NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event | February 2012

“I really appreciated the networking aspect of the event. CIP Standards are not always the most stimulating conversation piece, but in this group it was clearly important to folks and exciting to discuss.” – Joseph Quinn, IT Analyst, Exelon - Kansas City Power & Light NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event | August 2012

“The fact that the meetings did not include the regulators facilitated a more open exchange of ideas and experiences from the participants. The opportunity to ask questions or provide opinions during a presentation was very effective to expand or clarify an issue. The mixing of the participants to sit at different tables each day promoted informative discussions with a variety of experts. In addition, the happy hour provided an easy way to approach individuals for further exchanging of ideas. Great variety of entities from all over the country.” – Andrey Komissarov, Reliability Compliance Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric – Pacific Gas & Electric NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event | February 2013

CRSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary security consulting firm of Corporate Enterprise Security, Inc. CRSI specializes in NERC operational and CIP Compliance (693 and 706), as well as cyber and physical security solutions to the energy and government sectors. CRSI has provided consulting services to more than 100 electric utilities across all eight (8) NERC regions and is also under contract by NERC Regional Entities for Audit Support. For more information, contact: Trisha Breckenridge, Marketing Associate, 913-422-0410. Email:
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