AM Fight Club CEO Writes eBook on the Fight to be Fit

Busy schedules, chronic fatigue and lack of motivation derail fitness plans quickly but there are some ways you can "schedule" your workouts and get on the road to feeling and looking years younger.

Adrian, MI, April 13, 2013 --( AM Fight Club CEO, Julie Diver, has written a new eBook entitled, “AM Fight Club: The Fight to be Fit,” that chronicles some of the demons everyone has to conquer to really get physically fit. Diver, who is a four-time black belt, sensei and certified trainer, works with predominantly female clients and offers an online workout portal designed to give people a non-gym option for working out.

In talking about her reasons for writing the book, Diver said, “making the time and commitment to exercise is hard for many people and I understand that. A lot of us work long hours, run kids to and from practices and school events, and in some cases care for parents who are getting older. But, we need to schedule exercise time and proper diet and nutrition like everything else in our lives. I hope my book will help women make a date with themselves to do something that will give them more energy, releive stress and help them look and feel better.”

“AM Fight Club: The Fight to be Fit” is a complete guide to not only overcoming the exercise “scheduling” problem but also examines some of the emotional and mental aspects women have in putting themselves last.

There are chapters in the book on types of exercise that work best for shredding fat, nutrition and suggested exercise routines. There are also ways to connect with Diver online and share her motivational style of training her clients in person and on the web.

The eBook will be sent free to anyone who sends an email to Julie asking for a downloadable copy. It will be offered soon on the Amazon Kindle Store and iTunes.
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