Weaver Nut Company, Inc. Announces the Introduction of the Delicious and Nutritious Goji Berries

Ephrata, PA, April 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Located in the heart of Lancaster County, the Weaver Nut Company serves up candies, dried fruits, nuts, coffees, teas, chocolates, confections, and bulk foods to satisfied customers across the United States and Canada. With the introduction of the exotic Goji berry, Weaver Nut carries on their mission of bringing you healthier options to enjoy.

The Goji berry is a reddish-orange berry that is native to the Himalayan Mountains. It has been eaten for thousands of years by Asian cultures in hopes of achieving longer life. Traditional Asian healers have often recommended Goji berries to help diabetes, high blood pressure, fever and eye issues related to aging.

Goji berries are full of antioxidants and compounds that are known to aid in the prevention of cancer and heart disease, boost the immune system and help to lower cholesterol levels. Eating foods high in antioxidants, such as the Goji berry, are thought to slow the aging process by minimizing the destructive power of damaging free radicals, thereby reducing the risks of other serious medical conditions. The compounds in Goji berries, like vitamin A, can also help to protect vision.

The Goji berries provided by the Weaver Nut (https://www.weavernut.com/product/product.php?prodid=4232) healthy choices line is a product sourced from a high quality pedigree grower. The berries are all natural with no pesticides used during cultivation. The mildly tangy Goji berry is both sweet and sour and can be eaten similar to raisins - as a topping on cereal or oatmeal, baked in cookies, or as a garnish for your salad. Delicious and healthful, Goji berries can be consumed dried or freshly picked.

With the Goji berry nestled among Weaver Nut's all natural and organic healthy choices, customers can rest assured that the Weaver team continues to uphold their mission statement and number one rule. "Our first rule is the Golden Rule: to serve you...The Customer... as we would want to be served... with quality, integrity, and enthusiasm! We know that our success can only be achieved by keeping customer satisfaction as the personal goal of each and every Weaver Nut Company employee." (Weaver Nut Company, Inc.)

Through the introduction of nutritional Goji berries, The Weaver Nut Company, Inc. remains committed to providing their customers with the finest products available from all over the world.

Visit www.weavernut.com and uncover all the delightful and tasty foods waiting for you to try.

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The Weaver Nut Company, Inc. began in 1975 in the Weaver family's basement in Lancaster County, PA. Today the company has grown to include a large wholesale warehouse and retail store, a private label brand (Amish Maid™) and Food Brokers International. Since humble beginnings in 1975, the goal of customer satisfaction remains the Weaver Nut Company's number one priority. Stop over at www.weavernut.com and let your shopping begin.


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