PostPicker, a Free Local Classifieds Website on an All India Level

Postpicker allows you to meet others, buy & sell stuff, express yourself, trade products, find jobs, apartments, and much more.

New Delhi, India, August 14, 2007 --( Postpicker was born on 1st of August, 2007.

Welcome to a fresh start toward trading independence. At Postpicker they’ve gone ahead and reconstructed the way of trading, making it easier than ever to get smart and act smart with one's stuff. All in one place, supercharged and ready to go on the Postpicker.

It all started with a complete re-think of the industry and a dedication to a minimalist business model that cuts out the fat like those big, expensive TV commercials and wall-to-wall advertising. Instead, they focused on beefing up the important stuff like details, comments, opinions and insight. Then they really went to work, harnessing the full power of the Internet to provide an array of user-matching capabilities which let people trade ideas and network with other people.

And the best part? It’s all free.

Various Postpicker features:
Discuss listings with other interested users.
Search for items close to your location.
Buy and Sell products.
Look for jobs, real estate and vehicles.
Post your videos and pictures.
Meet other users.
A section for hot store deals.

No more need to scan through the classifieds newspaper every time you want to buy that car for your son or search for an apartment, neither do you need to go to through the hassles of going to newspaper office to get your classifieds ad printed in the local daily; everything is just a click away.

Mr. Anshul Malik