McMann & Tate Advertising Launches MT Mobile Text Message Advertising Service

Long time Internet advertising agency ads text message marketing services

Toledo, OH, August 14, 2007 --( McMann & Tate Advertising, an Internet marketing agency in Toledo, Ohio, has launched a text message advertising service that will allow clients to reach their prospects through carefully crafted messages delivered to their cell phones.

“There are more cell phones in use than computers and TV’s combined and it makes perfect sense to use this medium to build your brand and drive customers to your place of business” said Elizabeth Duggan, president of McMann & Tate. “Customers prefer the one to one communication that is delivered to them while they are making a buying decision.”

The mobile service offered by the newly launched MT Mobile division of McMann & Tate, is straight forward. A customer is encouraged by a business owner to send a message via text to their key word and short code. For instance, Text ABC to 12345 to win a chance for a $50 gift certificate. When the consumer receives the message a preprogrammed response is sent back along with a promise to send more valuable information in the future. The cell phone number is then kept in the business owner’s database for future communication. The system is permission based, opt-in/opt-out.

The Mobile Marketing Association reports text message advertising is very effective in reaching consumers with 90% of recipients reading the message and on average, 35% responding.

“Businesses of any type should be using this service”, according to Duggan. “It is effective, personal and provides a huge ROI. The results are quite impressive. Today’s audience is very mobile and your message has to be as well.”

McMann & Tate
Brian Grinonneau